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Nigerian Lawyers want Bawa For the Bar

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Why Yakubu Saleh Bawa was cleared to contest for the office of 1st Vice President of the NBA

Over the years, Yakubu Bawa has championed the cause of human rights of Nigerians, particularly serving in the defense of Nigerian Women and Children both privately and publicly.

  1. In 2018, Yakubu Bawa was invited as a Resource Person to the Commission on the Status of Women Conference at the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York, USA to make a presentation on the Impact of Child Marriage in Nigeria.
  2. Yakubu Bawa has been invited to make representations to the South African Parliament, in Capetown, South Africa on the State of Human Rights Promotion and Protection in Nigeria.
  3. As Chairman of the Jos Bar Human Right Committee, Yakubu Bawa introduced Pro Bono Human Rights Training for Lawyers and Members of the public in Plateau State.
  4. Yakubu Bawa is a sought-after speaker on Human Rights and Religious Freedom.
  5. Yax Bawa is a graduate of the prestigious Leadership Institute, Orange County California, USA.
  6. Bawa is a Human Rights Ambassador and Country Representative of Hardwired Global, a nongovernmental organization based in the State of Virginia, USA.
  7. Bawa is a member of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association; and the International Consortium of Law and Religious Scholars (ICLARS).
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Lawyer, Bibliophile, Polyglot, Traveller
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