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We Won Together

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Dear Learned Seniors and Colleagues, thanks to you, I am the General Secretary elect today.

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to all the volunteers and voters for working to ensure I was successfully elected. I am honoured and humbled that you all placed your trust in me.



During this journey, I was profoundly encouraged to meet  friends and so many new people who believed in me. The sheer rush of goodwill I felt as votes were being cast in my favour was incredible and I owed it all to you.


Not only am I grateful for your support, but more importantly, I thank you for all the sacrifices you made to ensure I emerge successful. I could not have done it without you. The gift of your time and effort gave me a chance.


For all your effort, both big and small to make me victorious, I want to thank you.


With your trust and help, I will work tirelessly on your behalf to help address our challenges, and to secure lasting and meaningful improvements to the NBA with benefits to you as members of the Bar.

Again, I thank you for the opportunity to serve. You have no idea how much your help means to me.


For my fellow contestants for the office of General Secretary, I say well done; ours was a keenly contested race because the Bar is blessed with fine and progressive minded gentlemen like yourselves. I humbly urge you to join hands with me to make our Secretariat a truly great one. I will definitely be calling on your support soon.


For all other candidates, I salute your courage. Congratulations! Join me, we have work to do.



Jonathan Gunu Taidi

General Secretary Elect

Nigerian Bar Association

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Lawyer, Bibliophile, Polyglot, Traveller
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