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Understanding Pedestrian Traffic – By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

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By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

Just as the Laws in Nigeria made provisions for Motor Traffic, so it did for Pedestrian Traffic. So, when you observe our traffic light systems, you will find that when ever the Motor Traffic is on the Move, the traffic light directs that Pedestrian Traffic comes to a halt and vice versa.

It is therefore a violation of our Traffic Laws for a Pedestrian to attempt to cross the road, when Motor Traffic is on Motion and vice versa, especially when there is a Traffic Management System in place, the exception being Zebra Crossing. In the same vein, it is also a violation of our Traffic Laws for a car not come to a halt, when the driver sees a Pedestrian at a Zebra Crossing attempting to cross the road.

Bicycle Riders are to ride seeing the vehicles coming. This is to avert a hit and run scenario. I t is also good conduct for a bicycle rider to have lights in its bicycle at night, just as a vehicle does, in fact it is a violation our Traffic Laws not to do so.
Pedestrians on a walk way or road are to walk against the Motor Traffic to have visibility of vehicles coming and avert, hit and run scenarios.
Children at all times, even at adjoining roads, must not be left unattended to. The Guardian must have a firm grip over the child’s hand, this also applies to the aged and the physically challenged.

So before you cross a road, you look left, look right and look left again this is to ensure certainty of safety
Be certain there is clear distance between the incoming vehicle and you, do not embark on a 50/50 chance of the vehicle hitting you, that could be taken as suicide, if anything happens.

Always have an identity card or a business card in your possession at all times especially at night, even if you were a student, have something on you to indicate so, this will extricate you, if there was a Police Clampdown on Pedestrians, as is often the case when ever killings occur in a vicinity.

Apply these principles and you will be safe and stay out of trouble.


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