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I once saw a post on Facebook that the ways to avoid traffic in Lagos are the following:

1. Get a motor bike

  1. Drive between 11pm and 4am
  2. Get yourself a helicopter
  3. Become a Governor
  4. Be a witch (the picture showed a woman wearing a hat flying on a broom)
  5. Don’t come to Lagos (or leave Lagos)

As funny as the above suggestions appear, some people have actually tried or are trying 1, 2, 3 and 6. Traffic is not a joking matter in Lagos even though we make jokes out of everything. I have personally tried number 2; not exactly the hours as suggested but close to it. Anyway, you can still run into traffic at 11 p.m. on a bad day in Lagos.

Lagos has been described as the third worst city for humans to live in the world[i]. For those who have not been to other cities of the world, the statement may appear too sweeping a remark. However, Lagosians would agree that transportation and traffic management is a major problem in Lagos.


For Lawyers (new wigs, relocating lawyers) who are thinking of the best location to reside or establish their firms in Lagos so that you do not wear out easily, this piece is for you.

Legal services are in the sub-sector of the economy as support services and the demand for the services of a lawyer, whether as an in-house counsel or as an independent consultant, are concentrated in certain areas of the city. The top six areas where lawyers are likely to go seven out of ten times to render their services or to take instructions in Lagos are Lagos Island, Ikoyi/Victoria Island/Lekki, Ikeja/Alausa, Yaba/Ebute Meta/Old Lagos Mainland Local Government Area/ Ikorodu Road and its backstreets from Jibowu to Maryland and Surulere.


Save for those who have special practice predominantly in certain suburbs like Ikorodu, Badagry, Epe etc., lawyers frequent those areas above more than any other areas in Lagos for the purpose of their job. The areas stated above hold the bulk of the briefs available to lawyers in terms of the size of remuneration/fees that could possibly accrue to lawyers in Lagos (No survey was conducted for this piece but the number of lawyers registered in various NBA branches across the nation is a pointer as to where the briefs are concentrated. NBA, Lagos Branch has the highest number of registered Lawyers in Nigeria)[ii]. The action is where the juice is and like any professional, lawyers want to be as close to their clients or potential clients as much as possible. Naturally, there is no better deal than to live in the hood where you work. But for a lawyer, there is need to visit different locations for different purposes. The main areas have been identified above.

What are the top 10 locations for Lawyers in Lagos?

10. Mushin – Mushin is not all about slum, dirt and street gangs. There are nice areas in Mushin. Papa Ajao area is cool. Ilupeju is also part of Mushin Local Government for those who do not know. If you reside or have an office in those parts of Mushin, your professional life can be easier as regards commuting to Lagos Island, Ikeja and other Lagos business districts to do your work. Mushin is central too. You can easily connect Oshodi and then Ikeja. You can connect Oshodi to Lagos Island through Oworonsoki/Apapa Expressway if you decide to go south. And if you decide to go north, Surulere through Western Avenue is also close by. There are so many back roads one can take to get to Iponri through Bode Thomas Street, if one chooses to avoid the main road.

9. Isolo/Ajao Estate – No two areas are as contiguous to Oshodi more than Mushin and Isolo. If you reside in Ajao Estate or Isolo, you can easily connect Oshodi. Whether you want to go to Lagos Island or Ikeja, Oshodi is your broker; it will connect you to where you are going.

8. Oshodi – No place is as central as Oshodi in Lagos. There is no place you want to go in Lagos in respect of which you will not see a bus at Oshodi that will take you there or a bus that will take you to where you will get the bus to where you are going. If you are driving, you can connect all most anywhere easily from Oshodi. Oshodi is very cosmopolitan. Even if you want to board a train, there is train stop and a mini station at Oshodi. And if it is the airport, the airport is at the backyard of Oshodi.

7. Ikeja – The official capital of Lagos has lots of back roads. From Ikeja, coming to Lagos Island can be hectic as Ikeja itself is a central business district but not at the level of Lagos Island. For those who have significant practice on the mainland, Ikeja is the deal. If you have your office in Ikeja, certainly you could have practice around the area that will see you commuting within Ikeja and its environs most of the time. However, when there is need to go to the Island when everyone is going, your best route is the Third Mainland Bridge. Except something unusual happens, the traffic moves.

6. Ikoyi/Victoria island/Lekki Phase I – Yes, Ikoyi or Victoria Island is not a bad place for a lawyer to reside needless to say to have an office. Having an office in Ikoyi or Victoria Island certainly places you on certain pedestal; you should be able to attract decent clients. And if you have to go to the mainland for business at the peak of traffic, do not worry, most of the times you will be moving against the traffic. By the time you reside or have your firm in Ikoyi, Victoria Island or Lekki Phase I, your law practice is already at a top-level and it is certainly a practice without much stress.


5. Ikorodu Road Backstreets (Jibowu – Maryland) – From the stretch of Ikorodu Road going up north from Jibowu end to Maryland, offers the same ease of movement with someone who resides or has an office in Ikeja. The only difference is the quick access to Ikorodu Road. Areas like Shomolu, Ilupeju, Palm Grove, Fadeyi, Obanikoro etc. are the areas relevant here. One can easily link Ikorodu road and up north to Western Avenue (Surulere) and then to the island or make a detour at Yaba or Jibowu to the Island. One can also turn off the road at Anthony into Oworonsoki/Gbagada Expressway to the Third Mainland Bridge.

4. Iyana Oworo/Gbagada – Living in Iyana Oworo or having an office there is like being in the boys’ quarters of the Island. It is just detached by the narrow stretch of the lagoon which had been made narrower by the sand filling going on at the Third Mainland Bridge end of the lagoon. Getting on Third Mainland Bridge is easy from Iyana Oworo, except something unusual happens, the traffic moves.

3. Surulere – Surulere, like Ikeja, is a central business district of its own. You cannot run away from traffic. One can connect Lagos Island through Funsho williams Avenue/Eko Bridge and Ikeja by Agege Motor Road through Oshodi or by Ikorodu road through Maryland. The good thing is the area has good road networks and if Google map is your friend, you could whittle down the stress of traffic.

2. Yaba/Ebute Meta – Another part of Lagos that has good road network is Yaba/Ebute Meta. Getting to Lagos Island generally is easy from Yaba whether you want go through Eko bridge, Idumota or Third Mainland; Yaba is next to Lagos Island through all the connecting bridges. And if you are going west ward hinterland to Ikeja/Alausa, it is also easy to connect Agege Motor Road through the railway bypass at Jibowu/Empire and you can change course and go through Ikorodu road. Yaba is a good deal.

1. Lagos Island – Residing or having an office on Lagos Island may be the best decision you can make as a Lagos Lawyer because that is where the juice is. And the action is where the juice is found. Lagos Island, for the purpose of this piece, Lagos Island is the area that stretches from Obalende at the Ikoyi border in the north of the Island to Olowogbowo area in the south and bordered in the east end at Onikan/ Race Course and to the west Tapa/Adeniji Adele/Idumota area.

Yes Lagos Island is congested. It is too rowdy for some people. There are still decent areas in Onikan and Lafiaji area. Even at Obalende, St Gregory’s College areas to Keffi Street (some might say Keffi is Ikoyi sha). Certainly Onikan is the most ideal if one could afford it. If you settle for Obalende, you can always take a walk to Awolowo road in the evenings and on weekends and think like you are in Ikoyi. I am sure you can get the feeling. It is all about feelings. If you reside on the Island and need to go to a place like Ikeja or Yaba at the peak of routine traffic, you will drive through the road like a hot knife through iced butter and smile away against the traffic. And you have the advantage of the proximity to Ikoyi and Victoria Island as other central business districts.

However, if you choose to just make it a place of business, well, depending from where you come to the Island, you will spend most of your time there. The island can actually take care of all your needs; why not reside there?

We do not tell new comers to Lagos how we roll; we live it.

This is Lagos.


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Third image by – satanoid from Austin, TX, USA – IMG_1061, CC BY 2.0, LA Traffic

Featured image by – Kaizenify – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Mushin

Second image by – Olusola D, Ayibiowu – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Oshodi

Fourth image by – Ayodele Yusuf – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Funsho Williams Avenue

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