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We are well into the twenty first century AD. Businesses are done online so much that if you do not have any presence online, it is as though your business does not exist especially to people who are far away from you. The business of the law is not an exception and there is substantial penetration of internet in Nigeria.[i] This piece is to aid Nigerian Lawyers and Law Students to identify the top 20 Nigerian blogs and websites with law resources and information on law and practice.

The criteria used for this work are the quality of law resources, law news, popularity amongst end users, law entertainment and general news on other matters related to law like politics, law enforcement, law making etc. And most importantly how updated or current are posts on the websites.

The Websites –

20. – the website is repository of information on lawyers, law offices, certain legal questions and issues. It is very useful for non-lawyers. Lawyers and law students will find same useful too as there are abundance of law resources on the website. However, it is a website that requires registration for users.

19. www.lawstudenthub.comthe website contains tips for law students, precedents, news and insights on career. Lawyers will find the website interesting too and be acquainted with emerging legal trends.

18. – this is the website of the Nigerian Bar Association. The websites offers news on the Nigerian Bar and other issues that affect practice. You could also find a Nigerian Lawyer who has been called to the Bar on the site. The comments of the Bar as a body on national issues could also be found on the website. It is a website lawyers and aspirants to the Nigerian should be familiar with.

17. – when you need to relax and have fun with the law, this is the website to check out. Court room brawls and drama and campus law gist are the strong hold of the website. The website is not only about fun; it is also contains legal articles, Bar news updates, general news and information connected with the law.

16. – this website has general information on law practice, legislations, law reports, precedents, news, law events etc. It is a website with an abundance of law resources.

15. – concise legal articles is the forte of this website. The website is committed to simplifying points of law that touches daily lives of Nigerians. There are numerous points of law that the website has attempted to simplify.

14. – this website is good for news relating to law and practice. It has a plethora of legal articles and some legal resources.

13. – this website’s stronghold is news. It offers news on matters connected to law and practice and other ancillary matters.

12. – news is king. This website has content on law news on the bar and the bench, law and politics and general news.

11. – this website is strong on law news, bar news and general news. The website also has contents in legal articles and some other law resources.

10. – in the law news territory, this is another website that has cut its teeth well in that turf. The website has content on law news, Bar news, general news on law & practice. This website is also abounds with legal articles on this website and law resources. The website also has premium services.

9. – if you are interested in continuous legal education, this website is your destination. It is filled with conferences, initiatives and law programs. News on the profession, the courts and new legislations are also a stronghold of this website. A lawyer will certainly find it useful.

8. – the website is rich in general information on processes or procedure to undertake so many legal steps – From how to establish your business to how to impeach the president, from how to hire a lawyer to how to complain about a lawyer. The website has them. Not only lawyers and law students would find the website useful but the general populace would find an abundance of useful law resources on the website.

7. – this website’s strong hold is breaking law news, politics, bar news, legal education general news and law resources.

6. – notwithstanding that it has a premium content, the none premium content is rich in bar news, general law news (local & foreign) and law job opportunities. The website has information on courts – what court is not sitting vacation jobs etc. something you probably would not find on other websites. One can imagine what would be in the premium content. One of the few law websites that organizes law competitions for young lawyers. It is a website every lawyer should visit. You certainly will not regret doing so.

5. – this website is top notch on breaking law news, law & politics, bar news, news on legal education and general news.

4. – this is a website for legal resources. It also has premium services, especially on law reports.

3. – this is a website that has been around for sometime in electronic law reporting. It is a good website for legal resources.

2. – this is another top website for legal resources. You can always get recent law reports on this website.

1. – when you want the best law resource portal in Nigeria, you should actually be thinking of Law Pavilion. The website is a repository of law resources both the premium and free resources. The outfit has revolutionized electronic law reports. There were electronic law reports before Law Pavilion came along but these days, if any lawyer would cite any electronic law reports, eight out of ten lawyers would cite Law Pavilion. They have deployed massive use of technology to provide legal resources to lawyers, law students and researchers. The website is the website to visit. Note that there are still contents that one could get for free, notwithstanding that it is a premium service website.


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  1. This is undoubtedly correct sir. However, I would like you to update the list. is another powerful legal blog that, I think, should be added to this list.


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