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Top 20 Most Interesting Quotes of Dr. Babatunde Ajibade, SAN

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Dr. Babatunde Ajibade, SAN has authored many statements and I may have missed or not seen some of them. But for the ones I have seen, I wrote out the ones I found most delicious and interesting out for you to share in the delight I found in them. Not only for the reason of how they provoke my thoughts but also for the artistic pleasure.

I arranged them in the order I found them most delicious. The first being the most delicious. Out of the lot I came across, I found the following to be the most interesting –

1. On Love

“To take the Bar to the height we want, we need love. To build this nation we need love. Love is the greatest Law.”

2. On Health

“In the midst of our schedules, it is important that we take care of our physical health. If our bodies are in bad shape, we will not be able to do our jobs.”

3. On Gani Fawehinmi

“We need the kind of courage Gani had to deal with the issues facing us in our country and profession today.”


4. On Lawyers’ Remuneration

“When I hear how badly some lawyers are paid, I am shocked.”

5. On The Legal Profession

“…we must simultaneously take steps to strengthen our mechanisms for self-regulation in recognition that perception is reality and we must ensure that the perception of our profession changes for the better…”

6. On Legal Education

“Teaching law should not be left solely to academics. We need to ensure practicing lawyers participate actively in legal training as visiting lecturers so there is a practical element to legal training from the get-go.”


7. On Lawyers’ Remuneration

“It is key that, whatever the modalities for remuneration an employer chooses for lawyers, a lawyer working in paid employment should receive reasonable remuneration for work done. He/she should have enough to meet his/her basic needs and more.”

8. On Welfare of Lawyers

“I think the welfare of lawyers should be a paramount concern for any leadership of the Bar that takes the dignity of the profession seriously.”

9. On Legal Profession

“As lawyers, we must ask ourselves the question, where are going? As a profession, we must ask ourselves, what is our relevance today and what will it be in the next few years? We have to further ask ourselves what we can do to remain relevant in the future.”

10. On Legal Profession

“We cannot fold our hands and expect change to happen. Reforming and repositioning the profession to regain its lost glory is the collective responsibility of all lawyers ad we must close ranks and come together to advance our common interests as lawyers.”

11. On The Bench

“I indicated that one of the biggest problems of the Judiciary is the lack of manpower and resources which makes the workload on courts unbearable.”

12. On Celebration of Women

“As we celebrate women today, …there is no argument that women are an invaluable part of the legal profession and society at large.”


13. On Law Practice

“Visibility is key in law practice. Make sure you are known for something. You cannot hide and expect people to know what you do.”

14. On Legal Education

“We cannot limit it to the law school to teach lawyers how to practice law.”

15. On Welfare of Lawyers

“It makes no sense to me to talk about the dignity of the legal profession without talking about the welfare of lawyers.”

16. On Law Practice

“A lawyer must run his practice as a a business. open himself to new ideas and run the practice with the aim of profitability and having a structure that will outlast him.”

17. On Legal Profession

“We must build a profession that our children and their children will aspire to be part of. In so doing, we will be doing our part in changing the nation.”


18. On Discipline of Lawyers

“I am of the firm view that the Bar and the Bench must work together to eliminate the bottlenecks in the disciplinary processes in both arms of the profession.”

19. General Motivation

“Always look forward to the future. Fill your heart with motivation. Push yourself and boost your capabilities to achieve your set goals. Be confident and believe in what you do.”
20. General Motivation
“Today, one year ends and another begins. A page in our individual lives closes and another opens. As we move on to start the new year, it is important that we take stock of the past.”

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