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The Stone Shall Be Rolled Back!

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Happy Easter!!!

Yet again, the season is upon us when we commemorate the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ over sin, death and all the challenges that hold humanity back. This is the real import and message of Easter – the triumphant resurrection, when ‘the stone’ was rolled back!

Sadly, this year’s Easter ‘celebration’ coincides with an inglorious period when the entire human race is confronted with the scourge of the COVID -19 pandemic (a “huge stone”). For the first time in recent history, our airspaces, roads, offices, manufacturing plants, mosques, churches and courts are shut down in virtually every country across the globe.

The whole of humanity is held back by this “huge stone” and fighting for survival! Justice, law and order, and the very practice of our noble profession (like all other sectors) are severely threatened. For Christians, it is easy to compare this present darkness with the period of the trial, crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.

As we mourned His crucifixion and death on Good Friday, we must remember that we mourned ‘not as people without hope’ – but with the assurance of the coming of the redemptive hour this wonderful Easter Sunday morning. His death showed the depth of his great love for us, and His resurrection strengthens our hope and certainty that even as we fight against the fiercest of storms, our fears are stilled knowing that by His death and resurrection all strivings have ceased!

I know that these are very difficult times for many of us – our main source of income has been shut down and the future seems opaque, but l implore you to be of good cheer – for we shall overcome. We shall triumph over this ill, and be free once again.

In the midst of this travail, therefore, I wish you a Happy Easter, and Glorious Resurrection!

Alex Muoka
Former Chairman, NBA Lagos Branch

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Lawyer, Bibliophile, Polyglot, Traveller
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