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The Circle of Malaise

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The circle of Malaise is a continually revolving cosmic-esque belt, in the Nigerian spatial.

I’m no elegant pedagogue in the affairs of Politics, but the inertia and palpable incompetence of the Nigerian Government doesn’t need the analytics of Professor of Political science.

We have a President who has underperformed and is showing obvious signs of aging and yet pushing very hard to for a second term in office ably supported by a man reputed to be intelligent, enough reason why some will vote PMB. Who then rules the nation if the merits of the purported second term is premised on the effectiveness of an able deputy?

The political timeline has been littered and continually so with controversies as insulting as snakes swallowing money to a monkey carting away Naira bills. The Nation had a good laugh. It seems were always looking for something to cheer about and it doesn’t matter what the humor is all about.

The political sphere makes it difficult to a point of impossibility, so that the best men are hardly placed in positions where real positive impacts can be made. These bright minds are eloquent, intelligent, with usually fantastic visions, but they will never be poised to reach real power. The youths have however been admonished that “competence should not be sacrificed on the altar of age”. One wonders where the “competent” ones are.

The irony of this faux pas we find ourselves? The irony is that the seemingly incompetent will still be voted into power, for reasons as laughable as “I don’t want to waste my votes”. We fast and pray all year long for good leaders and sit at home on election days expecting Angel Gabriel and his brethren to come and vote against the corrupt ones.

Our rationale in recent times has been that the devil we know is better than the angel we don’t know. We continually compare the devil to Satan. Which is less evil? Well an Angel will always be an angel.

They invest countless hours visiting communities they will never visit in years after elections, and yet neglect the Tertiary institutions. There’s never enough money to fund ASUU but there’s just about enough to earn millions individually as a senator. People are hungry, feed them peanuts. They suddenly become men of the masses. Some of these same politicians provide notebooks for school kids and plaster their names and titles on the covers as if they are doing any one favors by being responsible in their duties. We are consistently mocked. Nigerian Politics is littered with dramatis personae, envy of Golden globe winners.

I’m not questioning the honor of some of our leaders; I’m saying most have none at all.

A bruise should be a lesson, and each should make us better, but it seems these supposed shenanigan experiences can never bruise us enough. Maybe we can’t escape the bond of malaise.

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