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Shola Abiloye; Why the NBA Lagos Branch needs a Secretary who is abreast with Digital Technology -Concerned Lagos Branch Member.

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This is a piece from a concerned Lagos Branch lawyer who has been following, monitoring the Branch elections and the respective candidates keenly. This article is a pointer on the candidacy of Shola Abiloye and why he is the right man to run the affairs of the Branch Secretariat.

Shola Abiloye FCArb, is a Partner with Southgate Solicitors and a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, Lagos Branch. He is also the leading candidate in the forthcoming Lagos Branch elections which will be conducted electronically on Wednesday 30th June, 2021.

I read through Shola Abiloye’s Manifesto and I am impressed about his plans for the Branch. Critically, what got my attention the most, is the issue of automation and digitalizing of the Branch secretariat. As someone who has invested and interested in technology, I am happy to know that Shola Abiloye is paying rapt attention and has several times demonstrated his understanding of how technology can been employed to ease the previous ways of doing things.  I am also certain that if technology is fully utilized, especially in running the affairs of Lagos Branch, this will save branch members a lot of time. Lagos Branch is no doubt the biggest Bar Branch in Nigeria with over 10,000 members who practice both within and outside Nigeria.

What does automation of the Secretariat mean? Automation and digitalizing the Secretariat means having a one-stop shop online secretariat, an interactive one at that. Shola has promised us a full online branch directory of members, for ease of reference. This would put a stop to the speculation in the exact numerical strength of the Branch, including contact details of members. We have members who have also relocated outside Nigeria, but still keep in touch and fulfill their Bar membership obligations, by paying for their branch dues and practicing fees. The current Akangbe led administration have started the process, but there are lots of improvements to be made in order to perfect this full automation. Shola has proven himself to be the capable hand to deliver a better and user-friendly digital secretariat.

Last week, the law blogs and the Lagos Branch Whatsapp groups were filled with news of Shola appearing on TV stations to speak on “Automation of the Judiciary and the Use of Technology to hasten the Dispensation of Justice”. On Monday 21st June, 2021,  Shola Abiloye appeared on Lagos Television flagship programme Talk Time, where he spoke on the topic “Automating the Nigeria Judicial System” (You can watch it here,

He was able demonstrate his knowledge on how technology can be employed in the quick and efficient dispensation of justice. Shola Abiloye proved himself to be sound and abreast of the issues involving technology.

On Wednesday  23rd July, 2021, Shola once again appeared on TVC News to speak on the same issue.

In his words “To Ensure We Have Swift Justice Delivery System, We Have to Deploy Technology” (Shola on TVC News

Shola in those T.V progammes gave an overview and examples of how we can achieve e-filing, e-registry, e-service and e-court.

Shola has been very clear about his plans for the secretariat of the largest Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association, with a clear cut road map to ensuring it is taken to  greater heights.

I seek the indulgence of every member of Lagos Branch, especially the voters, to support and vote for Shola Abiloye to enable him actualise his quest for a Digital and fully automated Secretariat which shall definitely be beneficial to all members.

  • Concerned Lagos Branch Member
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