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Prince A.S. Abimbola Congratulates New Excos Of NBA, Epe Branch, Prays them to Take the Branch to Lofty Heights

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I congratulate the New Executives made up of eminent personalities. My prayers is that your tenure will take Epe to lofty heights and each of you shall be blessed.

I must thank our Baba in the house, Baba. T.A Ogjnlaja, an elder per excellence, sportsman, God fearing and team player who acceded to withdraw from the contest after the elders: Deji Obisanya,Yinka Olasewere, and myself Prince Hon.A.S. Abimbola met with him and he agreed to withdraw with a letter.

I can not congratulate Ademola Koko enough, (a level headed person, loyalty personified and full of vision) without praying for his success which is key, you will achieve monumental success in your tenure, Insurance, Land and housing for members, our cooperative society, identity card project, Epe NBA hall etc which are in your mind would be accomplished without “detractions” in Jesus mighty name Amen.

I congratulate every one of us here for a good and smooth transition.
Why should I not thank the electoral committee members who are all busy men for their time;

1)Micheal Bayowa (our own NEC representative and Ambassador per excellence, thank you sir.🤝👍
2) Alhaji Balogun👊
3) Madam Glory Onome Adams👍
4)Femi Olayinka👏.( God Almighty will grant your friend Martins eternal rest) and
5)The Very distinguished Babafemi Odutayo🤝👏.
I wanted to come to the collation center but on a second thought I refrained because the chairman of the election committee told me a day after the swearing in that the committee is independent and as such our friendship is suspended till after the swearing in of the NEW exco and I decided to keep away for that and other reasons of perception. I slept early because of the rain and did not follow the events.

Once again I congratulate all of you. Together we stand and divide we fall. Please avoid detractions and let all committee work and members accountable. God bless you.

Congratulations to all worthy Epe members who made this to happen. Daudel titled his book “It just happen to happen” A good religious book which I recommend to all of us.
As I will step aside in few days, I hereby seek your hands of support for OUR Epe ambition in respect of the greater task ahead of me.

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