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Preparing a Good Curriculum Vitae – By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

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By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

The first routine to perfect when angling for a job is to have a good Curriculum Vitae (CV). When preparing a CV, some persons omit, perhaps, the most cardinal feature of it, the title! A CV, must have, its title, “CURRICLUM VITAE”, boldly indicated at the Heading, else it has no probative value! Abbreviations and slangs must be avoided at all costs, as it is with all formal documents or correspondences.

A good CV must contain the following information in details: Your Bio data, schools attended with dates, educational qualifications, additional skills acquired, special skills garnered, hobbies, of which at least one should be relevant to the job you are applying for, References, which must be three and people you really know, that can vouch for your character!

You must check for spelling errors and errors of concord, tenses and diction. Your language must be fluid and interesting to read! Do not put skills or qualifications, you do not have, else you may be greatly embarrassed.

Let the character be bold and beautiful, preferably, font 12. Follow the rules that guides proper nouns. Never write for instance BS. c, instead write the Bachelors of Science in full, then abbreviate, this situation goes for others of its likes. Your E-Mail must look official, preferably, Comprising your first name and your surname, do not use lewd E-Mails, like!

Technology has presented a CV, that represents your person and character, truthfully: Your Online Profile. Be careful what you say or post online! Employers, now go online to profile their prospective employees delete from your online platforms, any reprehensible posts or comments, nobody wants to employ an irresponsible person!

Also have a formal image on line, that shows that you have the capacity to fit into a formal arrangement. For Example, you should have posts ,where you wore formal clothes and was present in formal ceremonies. It increases your rating .

Let your CV you are submitting for job placements be clean and free from mutilation.

Your CV is your first contact with your would be exployees .You do not have a second time, to make a first impression.

Good luck!

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