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Police Rescues Kidnapped Nollywood Actor

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A Lebanese-Nigerian Nollywood Actor based in Owerri, Imo state capital Mr. Bilal Nosser (a.k.a Mr B.) on Saturday was rescued by the Rivers State police.

The Lebanese who said he has lived in Owerri for over three decades applauds men of the Nigerian Police for their professionalism and swiftness in responding to distress call, appealed to the Federal and State government to adquately equip the police in Nigeria for better service delivery, stressing that the Police in Nigeria is commited to their job.

Narrating his ordeal to journalists in Port Harcourt, Nosser said he was lured out of his residence in Owerri to the scene of crime by with fake business and film acting proposal offer, by a suspected leader of the criminal gang, who introduced himself to him (Nosser), as Clifford.

He said, “I woke up around 9a.m on Friday, after my Ramadan fasting and night prayers, I saw a message on my iPad Phone, that said, Mr. B, please call me I have a business for you.

“I dialed the number, his photograph pooped up, then I asked who he was, he introduced himself as Mr. Clifford and quickly added that he has a business for me.

He continued, there is this new hotel we will like you to take over its management and again we are also making a new film, we need a White man and we know that your an actor and stays at Owerri, so you have to come over let’s discuss it.

“He then told me where I will meet with his driver somewhere around Imo Airport junction, who will come and bring me to the said hotel for me to see it and thereafter, we discuss the business.”

Continuing he said, “Mr. Clifford gave the driver my phone number, and equally gave mine to the him (the driver), when I got to the place (Arab contractors), I called the driver and informed him that I was there, in less than two minutes the driver was already standing before me, he asked if I was Mr. B. I said yes.

We continued to run inside lonely bush part, in villages, I began to pray inside of me, then we got to an isolated area, some persons rushed out from the forest, they began to beat me with cutlass, they had one locally made gun, they were beating me all over, my mouth, face, back, neck they was saying, today you don enter, all the money you have in your bank account you must use your ATM to transfer all to us today otherwise we will cut you into pieces, they continued to hit me.

“I was shocked confused over what was happening, because in the last 30 years I have been in this country, Owerri precisely, I have never been attacked any day.

“After, those people that beat me, joined us in the car, they were pushing and hitting me to enter the car, by now the vehicle was tight, they were three in number, I managed to squize myself in the middle.

The police spokesman also said that the team recovered  a Toyota Venza car belonging to the  actor from his abductors.

Omoni said that the State Commissioner of Police, Mr Joseph Mukan,  had appealed to  the members of the public to be vigilant and report suspicious movements and persons to the police.

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