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The Suitability of Alex Muoka as General Secretary of the NBA – Jeffrey Eboh, Esq Says He is a Consummate Recorder

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By Jeffrey Eboh, Esq.

Good day learned Seniors and Colleagues. Permit me to add my voice to the suitability of Alex Muoka as General Secretary of the NBA.

Language is the tool of a lawyer. Therefore, the Nigerian Bar Association being an association of lawyers needs someone who is adept in the art of communication as its General Secretary. He also should be someone who can speak with the requisite fluency and accuracy, he should be someone who can write like the scribes of old with negligible human errors and he should be reputed for details and perfect record-keeping.

The foregoing are the attributes of a good general secretary and Alex Muoka epitomises them. He speaks like an orator, he writes like a quintessential rapporteur that he is and he keeps records like a consummate recorder.

My learned seniors and colleagues, Alex Nduka Muoka is our man for the position of General Secretary. Let’s make it happen individually and collectively. Thank you.

Jeffrey Eboh, Esq.
Notary Public
Legal Adviser
NBA, Lagos Branch, 2017-2019

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Lawyer, Bibliophile, Polyglot, Traveller
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