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I am a quintessential and consummate bar man.I present my humble self to yet again serve the Branch, as Secretary I am the immediate past chairman of the YLF, NBA Asaba branch 2016-2019. I was a Member of the Directory Committee NBA,Asaba Branch 2016 – 2018. Pioneer football team player of the NBA Asaba branch, till date. Member Football committee of NBA Asaba branch 2017 till date. Member NBA Palliative Committee in 2020. Member NBA branch Directory Committee 2019 till date. I have also attended all NBA bar Conferences since 2012 when I was called to the Nigerian bar till date. I am poised to serve as a loyal Servant and Scribe.

Enumerated below are a few of the numerous goals and objectives, I intend to pursue to actualization, upon my success at the polls as the BRANCH SECRETARY on the 25th of June, 2020.

(1) e-portal for members of NBA Asaba Branch (A workable data base).As an active member of the Directory Committee, I shall input particulars of every member in what I title: NBA ASABA BRANCH e-porta, Wherein members can easily access their particulars. i.e Name, Address, Office address/Chambers, passport, Phone numbers and Supreme Court numbers. Members can also access their financial standings (Local dues) via a personal password and username that will be created by the member himself.

(2) Encourage Sporting Activities in NBA: As a pioneer member of the NBA football team and a lover of football. I intend to introduce, Chambers to Chambers Competition (5 aside) which will be a first of its kind in Asaba Branch. I shall seek for Sponsorship from Government, Corporate and other Private establishments. The Chambers to Chambers Competitions will be organized during the Celebration of our Annual Law Week. Every Chamber participating in the Competition shall have the name of the Chambers boldly printed on the jersey. This will showcase our brand as a very unique NBA BRANCH and for other branches of the NBA to emulate.

(3) Re-introduce the Bar and the Bench Forum: This will help foster a strong synergy between the bar and the bench.I will strive to engage and synergize with other members of the EXCO to organize Seminars, Workshops and symposia for the bar and the bench wherein judges can interface with lawyers outside the court room. It is pertinent to state that both the bar and the bench are more or less a Siamese twins hence there is need for regular interface or interactions.

(4)NBA BAR CENTRE: I shall in collaboration with other members of the EXCO make proper and Judicious use of the Bar Centre. The NBA bar Centre is our ONE STOP SHOP. The Bar Centre apart from the hall upstairs has other compartments upstairs to wit; NBA CHAIRMAN’S OFFICE, NBA SECRETARIAT And THE YOUNG LAWYER’S OFFICE etc. In my capacity as the Secretary of the Branch, I shall seek the employment of a receptionist (a Non lawyer) who shall be at the front desk of the Secretariat .The sole purpose of employing a receptionist is for correspondence, mails/letters and forms etc. I shall also introduce a Frontline Call Desk in the Secretariat which shall be toll free to members. However I undertake to take full/total responsibility for the receptionist’s salary/Welfare.

(5) ONLINE CIRCULATION OF MINUTES OF MEETINGS/AGENDA FOR MEETINGS: As the Branch Secretary of NBA Asaba. I will as part of my core role introduce a Pre-Notification of the Agenda for every scheduled meetings, which shall be forwarded to members via emails or as text messages, two days to the meetings, so that members can have the agenda for meeting and the minutes of the previous meeting at their finger tips.

(6)FOSTERING A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH SECURITY AGENCIES: I shall promote a good relationship and strong synergy with security agencies within the state. This shall be the hallmark of my tenure in office, all in a bid to eradicate and eliminate all forms of police ill-treatment and brutality towards Lawyers in Asaba.

(7)YOUNG LAWYERS FORUM (YLF): The underlying objective of the young lawyers forum as provided in her bye-laws is to articulate the welfare of young lawyers and address the issues concerning their welfare and professional growth;It is clear from the foregoing that the intent of the forum is for good and not evil. As the immediate past Chairman of the YLF,NBA ASABA BRANCH, I will only say that my records speaks for itself (res ipsa loquitor).And I will continue in the same vein to put in my best if elected as the Secretary of the branch, to always support the improvement of the welfare of the Young lawyers forum in Asaba.

(8)CONSTANT CONSULTATIONS WITH THE ELDERS AND BAR LEADERS OF THE NBA (ASABA BRANCH): As the adage goes…the words of our elders are the words of wisdom.I shall at all times, in conjunction with other members of the EXCO consult and seek the advice and opinions of the Elders and Bar Leaders for the growth of the bar. A man who does not have respect for grey hair, may never grow old enough to have one strand of grey hair.

Finally, I solicit for your support and votes; for together we can make the Branch, great again! THE FUTURE IS NOW. I am ETHE UDHEKOME OHO ESQ.

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Lawyer, Bibliophile, Polyglot, Traveller
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