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Ogunlana Adesina Ademola, Convener of the Radical Agenda Movement in the Nigerian Bar Association and aspirant for the office of the President of the Nigerian Bar Association has submitted his appeal of Disqualification from the NBA 2020 national elections by the Electoral Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association on the grounds of absence of Letter of Good Standing in his nomination papers.

In a statement issued by Ayo Ademiluyi, Secretary of the Radical Agenda Movement in the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Ogunlana in an address posted on his Facebook wall also responded to an article by Professor Chidi Odinkalu, who hailed his disqualification on the grounds that he is facing charges filed by the EFCC. Mr. Ogunlana also clarified on the “UNLOCK THE COURTS” protest staged by the Radical Agenda Movement in the Nigerian Bar Association on Monday, 15th June, 2020 in Lagos.

Mr. Ogunlana stated as follows:

“My Dear Friends, Worthy Colleagues, All.

The past few days were rather hectic for the core of our fledging activist organisation, the RADICAL AGENDA MOVEMENT IN THE BAR ( RAMINBA). We organised the UNLOCK THE COURTS protest in Lagos at the entrance of the IKEJA HIGH COURT on Monday 15th June 2020 and on 17th June 2020, we submitted the appeal against my disqualification from contesting the NBA presidency to the ECNBA.

On the same 17th June 2020, our attention was drawn to Professor Chidi Odinkalu’s comment on my disqualification from the NBA PRESIDENTIAL RACE.The self ascribed Oracle and Pontificator hailed my disqualification from the NBA PRESIDENTIAL RACE . According to Professor Blunderbuss, the disqualification was a good thing – citing my case with the EFCC as reason, yet conceding the presumption of innocence in my favour.

Two things , we care to say on Odinkalu. First, he is eminently entitled to his opinion, no matter how unreflective. Second, Odinkalu is interfering with the electoral process by that his effusion, in that the purpoted disqualification is not yet final. The disqualifer has opened a door for appeal, the appeal process has not been exhausted yet a professor of (what ?) has rushed out his bile in his typical blunderbuss fashion in a matter not finally determined and, is it not more interesting when one considers that the reason stated for the disqualification has nothing to do with Professor Blunderbuss’ shade ? Odinkalu merely in our humble view, is noise- making here . Happily, ‘ ariwo ko ni music’ ( Noise making is not Music)

We wish to express our appreciation to all, on the success and controversy of our UNLOCK THE COURTS protest. We only acted out and on our conviction. No apology for that. Those who disagreed with us have their points too, but let it be noted that our protest demand is not for a full and unregulated unlocking of the courts as our critics seem to perceive. Our position, for emphasis, is that THE COURTS SHOULD BE OPENED UNDER STRICT SAFETY PROTOCOLS FOR THE CURTAILMENT OF COVID 19, from about the present 5 percent utilisation to about 70 percent. Lawyers are starving in our thousands while the litigating public is suffering and hurting in their millions. On the other hand, our judges, magistrates, judiciary workers, state counsel etc on government pay roll are still earning their salaries, sreadily and assuredly.

Our Appeal has gone in. There are many who consider it a futile exercise, merely a formality. We shall see. They call it the cabal effect in the NBA, by which perceived ‘Alphas and Omegas’ in the NBA and not the Electorate, determine who not only participate in Elections, but who wins same. Again, we, shall see.

I thank you for seeing this ‘ epistle’ to the end. Blessings of God on you and all yours

N.B: It’s raining love and goodness, heavily, in Lagos presently .Enjoyable. Hope you are also having fun weather in your various ‘ jurisdictions’

18th June 2020”

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