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Akodo is one of the towns in Ibeju Lekki local Government area of Lagos State. History had it that when Ibeju Local Government was created in 1990 by the Regime of General Ibrahim Gbadamosi Babaginda, he made Akodo as the headquarters of Ibeju Lekki Local Government. However, when the Local Council Development Area was created by the Lagos State Government under Senator Ahmed Tinubu, the seat of Ibeju Lekki Local Government was moved to Igando Oloja. History had it that Abeju Adegbuwa and Ogedengbe were great warriors and the two warriors are the first to settle at ibeju.
Abeju Adegbuwa came from Ijebu while Ogedengbe came from Ilesha.
These two warriors fought for some towns like Ibeju -Agbe , Magbon Alade, iberikodo, Igando Oloja, Aiyeteju, Awoyaya, Bogoje, Agodo, Elerangbe, Eleko, Elemoro, Idi-Orogbo, Lakowe, Orimedu Abijo, Mopo – Ijebu Ebutu and Badore.
It is on record that Ogedengbe joined the warriors of Egun, Awori and Ijebu to save the communities in Lagos. Ogedengbe assisted Hurakaloye who was a warrior from Epe and also assisted Oga and Lasunwon in Ikorodu.

Initially, Abeju Agbeduwa sent for Ogedengbe and begged him to join him and other warriors to fight the Benin Republic People that usually ravaged Akodo and other neighbouring Communities. Ogedengbe took it upon himself and ensured that he saved the people of Akodo from Benin people.
Ogbedengbe succeeded and a year after dangerous animal started killing Human beings in Akodo.
This spurred the subjects of Abeju Agbeduwa who called him to assist them to call Ogedengbe back for the purpose of saving the people of Akodo from the dangerous Animals.
Ogedengbe succeeded in killing all the dangerous animals and people of Akodo begged Ogedengbe not to leave their Community again. People of Agodo gave Ogedengbe a wife so as to leave with them. Abeju Agbeduwa and all the leaders in AKODO granted land to Ogedengbe which His descendants occupied till today. Ogedengbe was given the lands in Ogulu to where the Local Government Primary School was located down to Igbo Apawa also known as Ago. He was also granted a vast piece of land in Egan, Akodo. His 3 farmlands are still in Egan till today. Ogedengbe also had farmlands in Akodo till today and the people of Akodo will never forget Ogedengbe for saving their lives. It is also on record that Ogedengbe descendants voluntarily donated a piece of land to the Lagos State Government where the first primary school was established in Akodo. The primary school was founded in the year 1955 by Akodo Community under the leadership of Chief Adegboyega and , Hon Ogunlaja Tunde, Mr Salabiu and others.These people were members of Akodo club and they contacted Ogedengbe family to donate part of their land for the establishment of the community primary in 1955. The State Government intervened in 1956 and took over the school. This is how Local Government Primary School was established and located on Ogedengbe’s land.
Akodo has now become a big city in Lagos State and the people of Akodo will never forget Ogedengbe.

Culled from the History of Towns and Villages in Lagos State by Barr. Dare Adeyeye.

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