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Obi urges supporters to refrain from making derogatory remarks against others

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The Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has cautioned his supporters, popularly called ‘Obidients’, and candidates contesting under the party at all levels, to desist from insulting others during the course of campaigns.

The presidential candidate was specifically referring to a comment made by the LP governorship candidate in Benue describing the Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, as a “deceit.”

Obi, who made the call via his Twitter handle on Friday evening, urged his supporters and LP candidates to stick to issue-based campaigns and desist from name calling and derogatory statements against others.

He said, “Nigeria has very huge problems and is currently at the risk of implosion from economic hardship and insecurity. The focus, therefore, should be on how to deal with deleterious consequences of a tanking economy, pervasive insecurity and the many other challenges that the nation is contending with rather than degenerating into name calling.

“Specifically during our recent campaign in Benue, a candidate referred to the Governor of Benue State, Dr Samuel Ortom, as a ‘deceit’. That is totally unacceptable to us.”

Obi further stated that everyone had their flaws and shortcomings, himself included, while adding that Ortom has always been a patriotic Nigerian.

He tweeted, “The Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, remains a very patriotic Nigerian, who has always spoken for the best interest of his people and Nigeria in general. We all have our short comings, I have mine, and so do others. But we should not refer to people in such derogatory manner.

“I call on the Labour Party faithfuls, especially candidates at all levels, including my supporters to desist from name calling or derogating anyone, groups of persons or religions.

“I wish all our candidates, including myself, well in the forthcoming elections,” he added.

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