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Dear Uncle,

Ikemba, last born of the family, born this day 11th July 1961 is 60 today.

 I was having a conversation with a Silk who said ooh, “Ikemba has joined the club of Old men” and I just giggled, didn’t realize there was a club for that category.

So where do I begin, just like yesterday I walked into your office, with my hands behind informing you of my NYSC completion and right there I became your mentee associate.

“Ikemba N’ Alor”, my father-figure, mentor, teacher, guardian and boss. 

A leader per excellence that inspires and motivates, a fantastic role model,  integrity and humility personified. You affirm the goodness in humanity, patient and a great soul of matchless courage.

A cerebral intellect, legal juggernaut, distinguished and outstanding silk, I watch with excitement when you make those exceptional submissions and arguments in court.

At 60, Chief you have recorded several landmark achievements, in your personal and professional life. It is no surprise you were appointed as the 13th Chairman of the Council of Legal Education in 2019, these are some of the reasons we cannot but celebrate you and pray for more achievements.

Your philanthropic intrest has always moved beyond wanting to impress anyone,  your giving spirit, religious committement, simplicity and calm nature is your virtue.

The Nwadialos’ rejoice with you as you celebrate your 60th birthday, we pray God almighty will continue to give you good health, wisdom and may you be graced with many more years filled with peace and happiness.

I join millions of well-wishes to wish the latest old Learned Silk, a happy 60th Birthday celebration.

Happy birthday Uncle.

From Uchenna and Emeka Nwadialo

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Lawyer, Bibliophile, Polyglot, Traveller
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