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2020 is another election year for the NBA and prospective candidates have already started ‘behind the scenes’ politics in respect of same.

In a publication of published on July 10 2019, I wrote about the Lagos NBA Elections 2019 and the smoothness of the electoral process. It was an electronic voting exercise. I wrote that – “Two things stood out from the elections – smooth e-voting and spirit of sportsmanship and comradeship. The Ayo Akintunde, SAN team performed excellently.”

Except if I missed it, there was no law suit that flowed from the Lagos NBA 2018 Elections. And it was the first e-voting carried out by the Premier Bar.

I also published on October 18, 2018 on about the NBA National Elections 2018 in an exclusive interview with the Secretary of the NBA, Mr. Jonathan Gunu Taidi as follows –

“LW – The election that bought you into office was criticized by a cross section of our colleagues. What are your views on the election generally?JGT – Like every facet of human endeavour, challenges were encountered during the election, but I cannot comment on the merit or otherwise of the challenges which is sub judice.”

The 2020 election is an election into the executive positions of the National body of the NBA. The 2018 general elections were marred with accusations on the e-voting system used by the NBA and there was at least, one law suit (Professor Earnest Ojukwu, SAN filed an action) that was filed in respect of the election.

For whatever it is worth, I choose to compare the NBA National Elections 2018 with that of the Lagos NBA 2019. I did not only participate in both elections as an eligible voter, I followed it closely as a blogger.

I further wrote, in respect of the Lagos NBA elections that – “The elections were so smooth that you could not quarrel with it and to demonstrate their confidence in the elections, most (if not all) of the candidates who lost in the elections congratulated their colleagues who won. It was a very transparent exercise. And most of the candidates who contested expressed their confidence in the integrity of the elections. It is most unlikely that we will be seeing court actions on the elections. I sincerely hope we can replicate same efficiency at the national level. It is possible.”

I should state, and I believe I am expressing the minds of other members of the Bar, that one of our expectations is a smooth and fair election.

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