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More Lagosians Favour Lockdown

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Forty-nine per cent of the 74,327 participants in the Lagos State Government’s Twitter poll are in support of return to lockdown.

The state government on Tuesday commenced a poll on the micro blogging platform to sample people’s opinion on whether to introduce another phase of lockdown based on the low  level of compliance with social distancing and other safety directives.

The poll is billed to close on Friday. 40 per cent of respondents are against another lockdown while 11 per cent were undecided as at 7:55pm on Thursday. Most of the voters who supported another lockdown, lamented that residents have been largely lawless and irresponsible in complying with the guidelines.

They however appealed to the government to ensure that palliatives or incentives were given to all residents as practiced by developed nations, in order to stop hunger-induced movement.

The supporters argued that the lockdown was for the good of the people because it will keep those who genuinely want to stay safe at home without risk of losing their jobs.

One of the respondents, Daniel Ukoha said the government must not direct the palliatives to only the poor but everyone in need.

“Poverty is a condition while being in need is a situation that also needs support. So lockdown and distribute support materials house by house.

Another respondent, Navida blamed lack of enforcement for non-compliance, adding that the people’s non compliance to simple safety measures rubbished all the good efforts by government.

He said: “We are having this conversation because, despite all the good work done so far, compliance has been poor. This is happening because the enforcement level is low. There can only be compliance when there’s enforcement.”

Supporting the lockdown, Hakeem Oyeneye said public health was critical, noting that if the people continued with their nonchalance, they will bear the brunt of the virus.

“When a man is hungry he can easily get help, when a man is struck by COVID-19, family and friends will run away from him,” said Oyeneye.

Ajayi Olaoluwa said: “The Governor being the grand commander of Lagos state should assess the situation with his team and take responsibility. This should not be subjected to any public opinion.”

Ralph Adeniyi said the government should not only lockdown but should deploy soldiers to enforce same, accusing the police of collecting bribes and allowing people move about during the presidential lockdown.

To Dominic, staying safe and home should be seen as a patriotic responsibility of the people.

“The fact that we are still battling this pandemic is testament to the irresponsibility of Lagosians. The blame isn’t on government but on the people. I expect Lagosians to show excellence in the face of this pandemic.”

“The number Lagos has displayed has shown how irresponsible Lagosians can be. There’s so much government can do. Lagosians are absolutely lawless and COVID-19 has come to prove it to us,” he stated.

To Sheriff Ola, it was heartwarming the government was seeking public opinion on the way forward, urging the state to do what was right for people’s health and the economy.

Gbenga Gbadebo said: “Looking at the level of compliance, there should be another Lockdown ASAP! I work with a bank and I see what we are facing. Many still do not believe Covid-19 is real. Use of mask, social distancing has not been adhered to. Lockdown so we do not get to that stage where Italy got.”

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