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Dear Young Lawyer,

One way to secure retainers is to grow with your clients. Have you ever rendered a service to a client? When last did you check on them? Have you ever done so?

Remember that our practice is business, so it is proper to have a bulk SMS account with which you regularly wish any person you have ever rendered service for “happy new month”, ” happy Sallah, Christmas” and likes.

It is proper that you add your number to the Bulk SMS, for your clients may have lost your number.

It is proper during your client briefing that you also take their emails so you can, at least, every quarter, check on their general welfare and give them new information in the legal business world via emails.

If you know any of your “former” client to be doing a social event, it wouldn’t be out of place to check on them and mention that you would love to come and celebrate with them so that you could get a proper invitation.

Hey, it is business sense to comment regularly on what your clients do on social media. When you always contact your clients in this way, whenever they need a legal service or someone asks for a lawyer, you would always be the first image and name to pop in their heads.

Growing with your clients means you encourage and follow them up in their life’s growth. For example, if you have ever registered a Business Name for a client, you can contact them the following year to remind them of Annual Returns, you could check up on them regarding their VATs. With time, you would encourage them to trademark their product names and brand icons. And hey, you can even suggest an upgrade from Business Name to Private Company Limited by Shares.

A time would come, you would suggest an office space to them, a discounted land sales to them and many other things, and they would gladly pay you for the services. It makes sense for your clients to become your friends (a sublime way of retaining their patronage)

Growing with your client is essential, it is providing your former clients with new information and legal suggestions that would better their lives and business. This way, they know you aren’t just interested in your money and work but in their lives.

It’s okay to want to have big clients now, but then, it’s great to grow with a client. That student that consults you today may be a Governor, Minister, BOD Chairman tomorrow. When that time comes, would you still be on his friends’ list for legal services? Would you be close and dear to his heart for him to give you that brief and contract?

My name is Earl, and I am Alright.
08125086798 (Whatsapp)

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