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Keeping Your Job. (Updated)

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By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

It might be difficult for you to get a job, but I tell you, it is more difficult to keep it. Intelligence and understanding the variables gives you a job, competence, humility and integrity keeps you in the job.

The first act that stands you out , is coming to work early. It is the first thing your bosses notice about you and it communicates profoundly to them in an amazing manner. Early birds pick the best coming early makes you prepare properly for the day’s job.

When doing your job, do more than the ordinary, go the extra mile for customers and bosses, but do these within the rules that guide you.When go an extra mile for people, it gives you an extra mile in life. The extra things you do distinguishes and stand you out of the pack. Stand out from the crowd.

Exhibit extra skills and more dexterity in an atmosphere of amity. Do not work in an environment of tension. Create a a congenial atmosphere ,that will make people want to come back to you.

When your boss gives you an instruction verbally, that may implicate you, try and raise a memo, send an email or whatsApp message to him or her to create a scenario that will put the matter on record, as he or she may deny ever giving you such instructions, if something went wrong. If you need to give him record that only him will have control over, snap it on leave it on your email. Record is everything.

Appear neat in your appearance in your office and business. If there was a dress code conform completely with the dress code and be careful what you say to people.When others come talk about other people, you either stay silence or you excuse yourself. Some persons are spies and agents of your bosses, others are just busy bodies, that like to put people in trouble. Every major Company, Agency, Corporation or Ministry in Nigeria, has Secret Service Agents, some which entered with you. Be careful what you say or do to in their presence, you could be on way to jail.

Do not gossip away when there is nothing to do, instead read more on improving on your job. Do not be involved romantically, with your boss or subordinate, else you will become the centre of office gossip and if you are a subordinate and you earn any award, promotion or bonus, they would insinuate,you got them because you are dating your boss, even if you got it on merit.

Be patient, while your boss is chiding you, look meek and take quick corrections, explain issues in a calm and respectful manner and NEVER YOU RAISE YOUR VOICE AT YOUR BOSS,else you will be on your way out of the job.

Be careful, while processing documents, avoid alterations, erasures, tippexing and mutilations at all costs, especially if they related to figures. If you did them for any reason make sure you counter sign or the customer or client does same.
Make sure you have photocopies of all sensitive documents that relates to you at work. Never submit a document in relation to your service records, with out having a photocopy. Real evidence are documentary in nature, not what you say.
The faintest ink is more effective than the sharpest memory, goes a Chinese Proverb.

Keep a low profile at work. Avoid living an ostentatious lifestyle that draws attention to you and attracts jealousy. Show random acts of kindness to colleagues.When in doubt, live with out. Follow your instinct at all time, they are the whispers of your soul. Do not be involved with any thing shady or condone same. If your instinct warned you about the impropriety of doing an act, avoid same, your instinct rarely fails.

Do not carry other people’s cross, when the chips are down, it is every man for himself. Master speed and accuracy, but do not sacrifice accuracy for speed.

Salute persons as often as possible, it could save you, when they need to make decisions. Listen to complaints against you, assimilate them and avoid pitfalls. Earn the trust of your bosses and colleagues, there is the speed of trust. Display honesty and probity and all times and retire all expenses. Never make payments to an individual, for a job executed by a company. Use Bank Payments more than cash payments, for proper records. Always keep records of every activity and save all records in your email as a back up, immediately, they are created.

Take the phone contacts of any person you encounter that you know you will need to see again or get to, to clarify an issue. This will expand your network and make you look invincible in doing your job as you will achieve an awful lot, with out moving an inch. Dress neatly in well ironed clothes. Have a neat hair cut as a male and have a good, but subdued hairbdo as a female, appear prim and proper, preferably wear colour co-ordinated attires. Smell good-never leave the house with out wearing a roll on, body spray perfume /cologne or all of the above. Create a penache for your character by smelling good, smelling good, some times bring you good tidings as persons are likely to deal with those that smell good ,than those that smell bad. Do not ever smell like the the environment. Create your style. Fashion changes, but style makes a person.

It is always better to have a good relationship with people or better still avoid having a bad relationship with people. Always be a person of character and let your colleagues and bosses know you, for what you stand for. If you do not stand for some thing ,you can fall for everything.

Avoid having a bad reputation as a thief, because of small money that means nothing to you. Always make sure you give the exact price for items bought. Many people have truncated their future, because of very small money.

Patience is required in rising in your job or business. You will have to keep up with some things you ordinarily will not keep up with, because you know where you are going to. Stomach the embarrassments ,the shouts, unnecessary phone calls. You will get to your destination one day.

If there was CCTV Cameras in your company, around where you collect money, be very careful what you do with Money else you will be caught as a thief with video evidence. Also, if it is your company policy that you do not collect tips, do not collect tips for any reason. Do not end up losing your job, because of tip.

Always leave a job with a good reputation and in good standing. Avoid leaving a job with quarrells. Every where you work in whether you put them in your CV or not are part of your real life CV. People will ascertain your time there, when ever the need arises. It may be when you want to have the biggest break through of your life in terms of an appointment.

Always follow the company culture.When in Rome, do as Romans do.

Good luck!

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