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Dear Young Lawyer, have you ever gone on tourism to other law firms? It can change how you think about law practice and how you make money big time. Yes, I remember the first firm I visited in Ibadan — The Law Hub. I remember exclaiming in front of Mrs Funmi Robert’s home “the house.”

If you visit some places ehn, you will just become angry about your financial state and the way you do your law practice. If you examine the system and structures of some firms, you would be tempted to close your firm for a while, go and pupil in those firms before reopening again (something that’s actually on my mind). Maybe the “market women” clients you are having is making you too comfortable in that kiosk of an office (with no disrespect sha).

You’ve got the suits already, advocacy has blessed you with the demeanour, it’s time to see, think and grow rich. If you enter those shops or stores, no one would stop you from “pricing” and asking questions.

Enter the big furniture shops and ensure your fingers brush through the leather and well-polished woods. Visit the law firms that you admire their looks and operational systems and just breathe in some fresh air. Go online, grab some photos and put them on your picture board. If the people that own and control those businesses and properties do not have two heads, then you too can make your practice like theirs.

Oh, I remember when oga KGB told us in his office to place value on our practice when it comes to fees and to stick to it even if it means going hungry for days. I remember when I met a man who has never done any CAC job before collecting 250k from his client for an IT several years ago. How will I not remember when Mr Bolaji Agoro showed me how to charge clients for Notary Public services? I can never forget when my money coach told me to start charging in Dollars so that even if Naira falls, I will not be affected. Yes, some of his clients are Nigerians, but he charges them in Dollar but tells them to pay in Naira at the exchange rate of that day.

Maybe what will make you become a better and more successful lawyer is when you go on some law tourism. Don’t miss social and professional bar meetings, conferences and courses. And when you attend such meetings, go round and see yourself in the shoes, cars, houses, offices and vacations of the seniors you admire. Tour the city for their law firms, the city’s GRA and recreational centres.

Truth is if you do, you would be more motivated, fired and challenged to work at it. He that sows shall surely reap.

Law is not for poor people. Since you are already a lawyer, everyone guesses that you are rich, organized, disciplined, influential and well connected. Prove them right!

You Rock!


Earl Alright
08125086798 (Whatsapp)

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