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How to Choose a Candidate for an Elective Office/Why Alex Mouka is the Best Candidate for the NBA General Secretary

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By Kehinde Akeremale, Esq.

One of the acid tests of leadership capability and a foolproof way to judge a candidate for an elective office is by examining their leadership qualities and the experience they would bring to the office being sought. In picking a candidate, you assess them based on their stands on topical issues of our time and their antecedents against a backdrop of the problems we want them to address.

As for me, my mind is made up; to the yet undecided, I enjoin you all to stand with this fine gentleman of the Bar.

He is Alex Mouka, and his formidable credentials and proven track record of performance in office will do much of the speaking for him. And yes, his sharp wits and eloquent pen never disappoints.

Behold his credentials:

Former Secretary, NBA Lagos Branch 2011 – 2013; former Chairman, NBA Lagos Branch 2013 — 2015; NEC Rep, NBA Lagos Branch 2015 — 2017; Member, Technical C’ttee on Na’tl Conference Planning, 2017; and NEC member till date.

On the touchstone of the above criteria and records, Alex Mouka stands peerlessly and I am persuaded beyond any scintilla of doubt that he is the best fit for the office of the NBA General Secretary.

And yes, he has a vibrant practice as a lawyer worth his wig and gown. He has been the managing partner of A. Muoka & Co. since 1997.

Do you look for intelligence, integrity, experience, a sense of purpose, commitment to duty, and ability to communicate impeccably in your next General Secretary come July, 2020? Then, you can pitch your tent with Alex Muoka like I’ve done.

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