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Hey Lawyer, Are you Equipped to Work Virtually?

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By Abimo Olayiwola

It’s been almost 2 months since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Nigeria. And in Lagos and Abuja, this is the 9th day of the officially communicated lock down by the President. But it is well known that prior to the mandatory lockdown, lots of businesses, schools etc had closed and asked employees to work from home. Law firms aren’t exempted from this and are forced to temporarily close offices.

Now the question of business arises. As the pandemic has forced everyone to stay home and stay safe, what happens to your law firm?

Are you equipped to work virtually?

Can your law practice survive post COVID-19?

Are your clients only able to efficiently communicate with you physically?

Is your practice thriving offline only?

Are you unable to get new clients because your firm is closed?

Help your practice survive post COVID-19 by taking your practice online now.

Click here to join the Digital Lawyers Network where I will be sharing the strategies, templates, skills, tools and the entire process you need to launch a profitable digital law practice.

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