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Dear Lawyer, Are You Following the Cheese?

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By Earl Alright

I have had some sessions with different Senior Advocates of Nigeria and also many seniors who I like their “prosperity” and one thing I have learned from them all is that for me to prosper in my “practice” I have to see this job of being an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria as a Business and treat and approach it as such. I am a businessman in the Legal Sector.

In treating my practice as a business, I must learn to pay attention to the state of the Cheese in the profession and also how it is moving. And now, something is already happening to our cheese, if only we are paying attention. Talking about Cheese “Who Moved My Cheese?” is a book by Dr. Spencer Johnson which I recommend you read as I try to read every quarter.

Once upon a time, the JUSUN of many states went on Strike and many lawyers in Nigeria who focus only and mainly on litigation and litigation related matters as their source(s) of income suffered a big blow. Some juniors and para-legal staff lost their jobs and some others were owed several months salaries that have not been paid till date several years after the Strike was called off.

That single event made most lawyers realize that “practicing” shouldn’t be our only source of income. Having our business only in court and court related matters was too unsafe and economically risky. Lawyers started investing and partnering in other business that didn’t need Judges, JUSUN or the judicial system to function.

Something is happening to our cheese right now. Something is happening to all our investments at the same time and I hope we are paying attention. COVID-19 is no news to you, but are you paying attention to how it is crumbling the economy of the world and how it is affecting your different businesses including how it is affecting your clients who may not be able to consult with you or pay for your services or get involved in business deals for which they would have required your services?

My wife and I sat down today and asked ourselves what we would do if schools get shut-down since she operates a Crèche. I asked myself how I would fund my office and also my family on a “smaller budget” since the virus spread is having a ripple effect on all the sectors of the economies of the world which would indirectly and directly affect clients who are supposed to require my services.

I don’t have an answer that I can share with you now, but I just came to ask you “Dear Lawyer, are you following the cheese?” Don’t forget to take all the life and health precautions in safeguarding yourself from COVID-19 and also in curtailing its spread.

You Rock!

Earl Alright is a partner at Graceville Chambers, Ibadan and a Sex Counsellor with Alright’s Passion Counsellors Association. He can be reached via Whatsapp 08125086798 or by email

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