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By Abimo Olayiwola

Sometimes as humans, we expect some things and take it for granted that those things will be ours. However, things don’t always go our way and we get upset and sad; but we sometimes fail to realize that we can’t always get what we want and we have to create a space for ourselves at the table when one hasn’t been set out for us.

When I was called to the Nigerian Bar, I inherited like most lawyers the conventional practice which is mainly litigation. I did litigation for about seven years. There were times when I had to work without being paid but I didn’t mind because I needed the experience.

When I decided to branch out and go into Digital Law Practice, I received discouraging advices because it was a road quite uncharted. I had to look to mentors and advisors many of whom didn’t give me the time of the day for reasons best known to them. Did I feel discouraged? yes at some point I did but I kept on striving to succeed because I knew what I had.

Now, Digital Lawyers Network is up and running. I now get invitations to educate and enlighten lawyers on the beauty and necessity of taking their law practice online.

I am elated that the uncharted path I took is now paying off and people are seeing the benefits and importance of my work.

I’m also excited that the Digital Lawyers Network will be having a profitable digital law practice challenge on 1st-5th April, 2020.

If I had kept on waiting or chasing people around, I won’t have gotten anywhere. I had to leave the table where no seat had been set out for me to go get a seat and set out a space for myself.

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