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By Earl Alright

Many are arguing if what the President and some governors are doing in locking down the country and some states is legal or not. Others have decided to mob the military and Police that are trying to enforce the lockdown.

I said it before that Nigeria doesn’t have the capacity to make a full lockdown, it is obvious to us all already that we cannot fully lock down because we were not prepared.

In being prepared, I am not talking about the Minister of Health saying earlier on before we recorded the first COVID-19 case that we were prepared. I am talking about our preparedness in our health sector, political sector, finance sector, religious sector etc to handle a pandemic like this. You prepare for war during peace for Noah did not build the ark when he saw the clouds but before the first wind came.

Our political, traditional, and religious leaders never envisaged a situation wherein they would be unable to fly abroad for health care. If they did, they would have bettered our health sector. Our CBN, Governors, Local Governments and market people never envisaged a time would come when we would not be able to go out for our daily bread, so that we needed to learn how to store up. The country has become an addict of borrowing even when there is no major need. Now, legitimately, we cannot even borrow. And although our law makers say they are giving up a part or the whole of their salary in this pandemic, it means nothing to us because they have already over the years bled this country financially.

The truth is this: death is out there, he would either kill by COVID-19 or kill by hunger, or kill by other health challenges because of no health workers and health facility to treat people or it will kill via mob attacks. In reality, whether you are the president or the nomadic Fulani in the bush who has no birth, immigration or voter record, we are all victims. Victims of the way we have allowed this country to be, victims of doing evil or condoning it one way or the other. We only have ourselves to blame.

When our Vice-president said corruption was fighting back, I wished he knew that it was not just fighting back Buhari or APC. Now we can see how our corruption and condoning same all through the military years till today is paying us back.

I know we are threatened by death, this time, not even of COVID-19 but of hunger, loss of job, insecurity and loss of basic amenities, but let us join hands to end COVID-19 first. Yes, if we are sincere to ourselves, the source of death in this period which is easiest for us all to defeat is COVID-19, not hunger.

We are not waiting for our government or for foreign support. We aren’t waiting for our health workers or security agents to end this for us. If we don’t stay at home as much as we can, COVID-19 which is the cheapest of all deaths during this period may get us.

In reality, we are all victims. The soldiers, Police and other people out there enforcing the lockdown do not have a bigger food store and lots of food stuff than we do. The politicians do not have any better health care than us right now. We are all victims of COVID-19

Help stop coronavirus:

1. HANDS – Wash them often
2. ELBOW – Cough into it
3. FACE – Don’t touch it
4. SPACE – Keep safe distance
5. HOME – Stay if you can

You Rock!

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