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By Earl Alright

Jokingly yesterday, I told wifey that another virus could come out and this whole COVID-19 lockdown would be all messed up. Today, I saw a headline of a website’s link saying that there is a confirmed Ebola case in DRC. How authentic and true the information was, I did not want to confirm, COVID-19 is already too much trouble for my mind.

Now, you could almost guess how annoyed I became when I heard that some states in Nigeria have lifted the ban of religious gatherings during this pandemic.

Like, are we all jokers or what? How can sane people who claim to be educated plus being spiritual fail to understand what a pandemic is? How dare they risk all our lives because they want to please their religious “feelings”?

Yes, I mean “feelings” because it is really dumb for anyone to see the havoc COVID-19 is causing, get the daily report of positive cases and death occurrence and still choose to congregate together.

I believe God wants us to use our brains, and that was why he gave us such an amazing, superb, complex machine for us to reason with. God wants us to have a mind of our own, so he did not make us robots. However, when an adult chooses to still congregate in a country like ours that has poor health care system, and a poor social welfare structure, then I wonder if they use their brain when it is most needed.

I am so annoyed because this supposed stupidity is being carried out by those who ought to have the best brains and exposure mentally and spiritually.

Now, this makes me wonder who are the true problem of our country? Is it the politicians, the religious leaders, Nigerians in general or our politicians AND religious leaders? For I cannot see why some association of clerics and some political leaders would be so nonchalant and expose people to such risk by congregating them in this pandemic.

Well, I think those who even agree to congregate themselves despite everything in the news are the biggest problems of this country. We spend so much on data and consume a lot of data in this country, we receive NCDC messages everyday, yet, people who are on social media and have access to the internet to make well informed decisions, are making a big mistake by trying to have some religious feeling by congregating.

Use your head, stay indoors. Even if you must go out, avoid congregations and groups. Stay at least 1 metre from your neighbour.

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