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COVID-19: The Truth Is We Can’t Afford A Lock-Down.

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Many Nigerians are clamouring for a total and complete lock-down of Lagos and Abuja and the entire country. Well, I think I know why the government is a bit slow on making this decision:

We have to realize that our government cannot feed us or provide our basic health supplies during a lock-down.

Many state governments are still owing salaries. Many organizations are paying below the minimum wage and cannot afford extra financial support for their staff.

The error of our government was exposing us to the virus by not protecting our borders. And let’s be sincere, flights are still landing in this country, people are still crossing on land and yet these folks aren’t being quarantined or undergoing test.

If there is a lock-down today, how many Nigerians have sufficient reserve to feed themselves indoors for 5 days? How much food or money can Nigeria support its citizens with?

Let’s be truly sincere to ourselves, our government cannot afford a complete lock-down of Lagos or Abuja let alone the country.

The question is simple: if we completely lock down as a country today, which is obviously the best option, would Nigeria use disinfectants for our cities and communities to eradicate the virus, provide medications for those in one health challenge or the other and supply food, medications etc. to the poor?

For what the lock down may actually mean for us in Nigeria may be *”lock down until all those carrying the virus are dead or healed.”*

In 3 weeks, all of them may be dead. But would the virus be dead? Would we not have also created another pandemic from the unburied decomposing bodies of the dead and other issues? Let’s not forget that vultures are going into extinctions and the diseases such corpses would create would be airborne too.

It is my argument that a lock down is the best option now, but can the Nigeria government handle it? Can they actually do half of what is necessary for, during and after a lock down?

Just thinking.

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