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By Earl Alright

We have had COVID-19 in Nigeria for more than 2 months now and this has revolutionized many things about us. It has changed how we worship, interact with people, do business and even our political and judicial dogmas.

We have been forced not just to accept change, but initiate the change in the culture and tradition of doing things within such a short time – things we once swore we could never change or that we were not ripe for. All of a sudden, we have now adopted Paul’s confession of “I can do all things (through Christ).”

Although we are concerned about our health, we are being compelled to think whether to stay in-doors and die or starvation or go out to live our lives with the hope that perhaps, we could be safe. We have become like the Lepers who said “if we stay here, we would die, if we go out, perhaps, they would be merciful to us and give us food, and even if they don’t and they decide to kill us, we would still have died if we did nothing.” Consequently, many argue that we should learn to live with COVID-19 just as we have learned to live with other deadly and lethal diseases, including Lassa Fever.

The Federal Government has considered the big negative effect of a lockdown on the economy and the citizens – we do not have sufficient supplies and money in our stores to depend on for a very long time. So rather than stay in and die, perhaps, we can go out, work, earn and keep safe. And here comes THE FANTASTIC SIX.

Whether you choose to stay in or go out, you cannot afford to joke with THE FANTASTIC SIX.

1. YOUR HANDS – Wash them often with soap for about 2 minutes under running water. You should use an alcohol based hand sanitizer where and when it is impossible to do the washing of hands.
2. YOUR ELBOW – Cough into it whether you are in public or in private.
3. YOUR FACE – As much as you can, avoid touching your face totally. However, if this becomes almost impossible, do not touch your face with unwashed hands.
4. YOUR SPACE – Keep safe distance from people at all times. 2meters is the reasonable shortest distance.
5. YOUR HOME – Stay in-doors as much as you can and if you leave your house, kindly take a bathe immediately and keep for laundry what you wore out. Do no touch or hug any member of your family until you have done this (if you don’t take care of them, who will?).
6. YOUR MASK – It is one thing to have a face-mask and another thing to use it. For the times I had to leave my house, I noticed that many people keep their mask under their chin or on their forehead. The mask is for your nose and mouth, if it is not covering those two, then there is no need having one at all.

Together, we are already winning. Let’s get the trophy. And all praise to God, we would testify of how He preserved and provided for us during this pandemic.

You Rock!

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