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By Earl Alright

I saw in the news that a woman who is about 98 years old had recovered and was discharged from the COVID-19 isolation centre in Lagos. What a lovely news. Yes, we are all praying that we achieve herd immunity since getting a vaccine for the Wuhan Virus has not yet been possible.

However, it is very important that we live safe and stay safe, not for ourselves only but for also our family members who are unconditionally exposed to us because we live with them in the same house. Always remember that your health choices directly affects your family, loved ones and friends. Not just that, becoming COVID-19 positive also has an indirect effect on our economy because we would mostly like be using our money to house, feed, treat and cater to you. You would also not be able to be productive to the country and also to your family during the period of treatment. And God help us that you survive. Imagine how your death would negatively affect others if you died. So stay safe please.

During the week, I had to go out (something I have limited how many times I do it by working from home since first week of March thereabouts). As I stepped back into the house, my 10 months old baby was so excited to see me. He is used to waking up to see me in the room, take him to his confession board to make his declarations. This time, I left the house before he woke up, I had to leave early.

Although Acorn crawled to me with so much excitement, smile and laughter, I had to rush into the bathroom to take a bath, brush my mouth and observe the other COVID-19 preventing-the-spread rituals.

While I did that, I could hear him cry out loudly despite all the consoling his mom tried to give him. At that moment, I paused for a while and thanked God for the privilege of fatherhood, for the joy of having a family who is always happy to see me return home, to have a wife and son who is interested in running up to me and giving me a bear hug.

Then I promised myself to be more safe for them. It’s not that they need me to be safe for myself only, but it is also love for me to ensure that I don’t involve in risky behaviour which could jeopardize their health and safety.

So as you go out there to make money for your family, ensure you do everything to be safe and do not allow anyone jeopardize your health.

You Rock!

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