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Covid-19: Military Units Deployed to Complement the Police in the Battle Against Lagos, Ogun Gangs

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Parts of Lagos and Ogun states have witnessed increased robbery attacks in the past one week. Gangs attacking residents and looting shops.

Many residents have formed emergency vigilance groups, having been forced to keep vigil. They set up bonfires in streets in a bid to ward off the criminals as tension heightens.

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu stated vide is Twitter handle that, “Today, the state security council met to address the increase in armed robberies and unrest in boundary communities. We have received increased help from the IG of Police with a special force already addressing the elements breaching the peace in the affected communities.

He also announced that a revised strategy “will see an increase in mobile police deployment in all trouble spots in the metropolis; as well as the police intensifying their patrols around residential areas, boundary communities, and other critical areas of activities during this lockdown period.

“This will also be carried out in conjunction with other security agencies – Army, Navy, Airforce and Directorate of State Security Service.

“One of our key responsibilities as an administration is the safety and security of the lives and property of all citizens, and we will not abandon this responsibility at any time.

“There is no room whatsoever in Lagos State for criminal gangs or miscreants of any kind.”

The governor said the miscreants were not hungry.

He said they are “opportunistic criminals and will be treated as such by the law enforcement agencies”.

The governor added: “We have been in close and constant communication with the Federal Government on this issue, and the I.G of Police has deployed a deputy inspector general of Police, who is a seasoned crime fighter, to Lagos as our intervention squad coordinator to help devise and superintend over a superior strategy to curtail and stem the perceived and actual threat of violence.

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