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By Early Alright

Big Brother Naija wants to have online auditioning for the next big show and many people are clamouring for religious places of worship to be reopened.

Recently, #COVID19SCAM trended on Twitter but we all agree that if COVID-19 is real, then many Nigerians are careless with their health and lives. Of course, I am compelled by evidences to believe that the Wuhan Virus is for real.

Last week, I shared on how staying safe is loving your family and I experienced this first hand on Sunday.

I was outside hanging clothes on the line when my neighbour who is a medical doctor walked into the compound. She had been on call, so her kids were right to stay at the door to get a hug before allowing her through.

It was an emotional moment for me although I spent the time giggling rather than crying. Doc begged them to go in so that she could pass, she needed to maintain social distance. However Modesire who turned 4 several months ago and Tise who will be turning 2 in few months refused her to pass. There was a burglary proof securing a boundary between the two sides.

They mentioned how they missed her, dotted on what she was wearing, tried raising other topics while their mom kept on begging them to go in so she could maintain social distance especially now that she was coming from work, a hospital.

Her husband was busy inside and obviously couldn’t stop halfway to come attend to her by keeping the kids away, so the drama was for some minutes. My neighbour kept on explaining to them why they needed to stay away but these kids wanted to hug their mom so bad that her lectures were all gibberish.

So the family reunion was almost across the fence as poets may describe until dad came to the rescue, secured the kids into a safe distance to allow mom go in, take a bath, change her clothes and give the hug they so wanted.

This love had two sides — the mom who wanted to keep her children safe from being exposed to whatever she might have been exposed to at work and the kids who wanted to hug their mom who had been away from home for a while.

The same thing happened in my home when I returned from work and wifey wanted to hug me. She had come to attend to the door and as it is in our custom, she wanted to give a hug only to remember that we are in a pandemic.

How you protect your family from being exposed to you after you must have been exposed to others tells a lot on how much you really love them.

Loving your family is protecting them from you. Follow the health rules, reduce the spread, stay safe.

You Rock!

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