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Covid-19: Lagos State Govt. Raises Twitter Poll on Lockdown and Lagosians React

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The Lagos State Government vide its Twitter handle @followlasg has commnecd a poll on Twitter whether to resume lockdown or not.

It tweeted as follows:

“Considering the level of compliance with government’s directives on limiting the spread of Covid-19 in a Lagos State, should the State Government impose another lockdown or not? @jidesanwoolu @JokeSanwoolu @drobafemihamzat @ProfAkinAbayomi @LSMOH @gboyegaakosile @Mr_JAGss”

As at 4:56 pm Wednesday 13th day May 2020, more than 62,000 people have voted.

However, mixed reactions trailed the poll. Some of the tweets in respect of the poll are below:

“You cannot afford to use twitter to judge opinion because over 70% of low income earners in Lagos are not on twitter!”

“Lockdown and use the army for the roadblock the police collecting bribes and let people move around. We need a month total lockdown please let safe life”

“An inffective lockdown is a complete waste. Relevant agencies should be charged with a more proactive enforcement of social distancing and other precautionary measures. The initial lockdown wasn’t that productive to begin with.”

“Why is the government seeking the people’s opinion? Did you consult us before you eased the lockdown?
Did you listen to us when we frowned at your decision? Shift abeg!”

“When you have more than enough public and taxpayers money to eat. Definitely, you have enough rubbish to say. A hungry man is an angry man. Provide palliative”

The poll is still ongoing on Twitter and has a life span of more 24 hours as at 4:56 pm Wednesday the 13th day of May 2020.

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