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I was thinking about the Presidential broadcast again where our President Buhari locked down Abuja, Lagos and Ogun State. I paid attention to all those that were exempted from the lockdown and I realized a major fault somewhere.

The government has exempted those who trade in food stuff and other daily essentials but went ahead to say they should carry proof. Like, what proof will a person who is going to buy farm produce carry? What proof will I or my wife carry if we were going to the market to replenish our kitchen store?

Once again, I pity those who would die and the security agents who would be mobbed because the government has not actually shown any prudence in ensuring that our food supply in our homes is regular during this period. I saw an interesting broadcast on Whatsapp where someone said “if the government tells me to stay in-doors, I will. If hunger tells me to go out-door, I will; both are my leaders.”

The easiest task of this government was to have closed our borders the moment the first COVID-19 case was diagnosed and reported. No, they delayed and exposed all of us to this risk. They have more blame than China who didn’t speak up early.

Let’s say there is a conspiracy theory that the reason they didn’t shut down our borders early enough was because some top government officials (and perhaps, their family members) were outside the country and they wanted to come back in first before closing our borders. Another theory is that maybe they believed when COVID-19 comes in, they would be safe, so why be proactive.

People would fight back. Sorry, hunger would fight back and the country would realize that you don’t make decisions late. If you asked me now, I would tell you that test, testing, testing and testing is the easiest and surest thing to curb COVID-19 now in Nigeria than lockdown.

Once again, many Nigerians are faced with death by two options; either by COVID-19 or by hunger, and instinctively, people would rather choose to die by COVID-19 than by hunger and they would not mind killing any person who stands on their way to getting food.

Our country needs to prepare for many riots. We would be too dumb not to prepare for one if we continue this lockdown.

Help stop coronavirus:

1. HANDS – Wash them often
2. ELBOW – Cough into it
3. FACE – Don’t touch it
4. SPACE – Keep safe distance
5. HOME – Stay at home (until can’t)

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