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Covid 19-Distribution of Relief Materials to Members of NBA Abuja: The Untold Story

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Sunday 5th April, 2020 started just like any other day, but something withing me told me that this particular day will end well. I don’t just know how but my instincts convinced me it will surely end well.

Mr Chairman, Folarin Aluko and I made some last minute preparations as we proceeded to the Digital Library to commence operations. On arrival, the activities for the day started and soon our security detail from the NSCDC arrived and sat waiting for completion of other logistics.

Spirits were high as other members of the COVID-19 Task Force arrived and we engaged in lively, fierce and spirited banter on a range of issues from *legal, international relations, politics, history, economy, religion and of course the main issue all over the world today…..THE ALMIGHTY CORONA VIRUS* I must confess, this short interaction was an experience you would never get in any class. The knowledge, wisdom and experience was priceless. We had senior colleagues gisting and a Branch elder who shared stories from memory lane.

In all this we maintained the necessary social distance and other precautions. Mr. Kalat donated hand sanitizers and we had some face masks and gloves to boot.

As soon as we were done with the pairing and routing of each Team, we all set out to different locations within the FCT in the company of the security excort, who were naturally good to go.

I was assigned to cover the Apo-Gudu-Lokogoma-Kabusa-Galadimawa-Dakwo-Wumba Axis with Elder Soji. As we drove from one location to another in the city distributing relief materials to members, we called ahead to notify them of our mission. The response was awesome for we drove to their very door steps to get the job done.

Some people did not believe it was real until they saw us and received the relief package.
We were greeted with smiles and goodwill. Some members turned to prayer warriors with millions of good wishes to the Donors, the Branch Executive and Members of the COVID-19 Task Force.

Gentlemen, we will surely win this war against corona virus. We will emerge stronger.
I know this because of those who volunteered and came out and Donated at this critical moment during an economic shut down considering the interests of our learned colleagues most especially the junior ones.

Surely there is nothing stronger than the heart of a Volunteer.

Once more thank you to all that made this happen. We raised the money for the relief materials within ourselves. Other members also came out to ensure that materials were purchased, shared and distributed. All this points to One Direction,… We are one family bound together with love.

Long live our Chairman Mr Folarin Aluko and his excos.

Long live the Donors

Long live NBA Abuja.

The Donation continues. With your support, we can do better than this.

Once more, thank you all.

Okolo Henry (Esq)
NBA Abuja COVID-19 Task Force

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