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By F.U.Onyekperem

The responsibilities of the Welfare Secertary of the NBA are outlined in the NBA Constitution.

The Welfare Secretary functions or operates on the directives or instructions of the President.

The Welfare Secretary is expected to monitor and report all welfare issues to the president and the National Officers.

What is most paramount to the Welfare Secretary is the well-being of the members which the person occupying the office must ensure at all times.
The Welfare Secretary, like it is expected of all NBA Executives shall be interested in the protection and defense of the rights of members as this is part of the training of all lawyers first and foremost.

However, as much as that under the NBA constitution, the office of the 1st Vice President is responsible for human rights issues, the Welfare Secretary should, in looking at the issues that concern the well being and rights of the members of the Bar, have in mind the following rights of the members and ensure that the members get that which is their rights. The rights are as follows;

1. Provision of good medical cover;
2. Entitlement to insurance scheme;
3. Benefits from the Bar upon payment of branch dues and practicing fee;
4. And a right to prompt information as to their welfare package or entitlement in the course of time, etc.

It is also important to note that it is the duty of the welfare secretary to communicate all information to the President and the National Officers on any issue that affects the members of the association when the information gets to the Welfare Secretary and this can be achieved by creating a platform for communication with all the Branch chairmen and Welfare Secretaries.

The issue of security has been, and remains, a matter of national interest. In a situation where there is any unfortunate incident relating to security such as kidnap of a member, molestation by police or whoever, the welfare secretary would timeously bring such information to the President and also monitor the situation and follow up with the president to ensure a speedy resolution or remedy of the situation.

The Welfare Secretary should be a team player who understands the correlation of the duties with those of other National Officers and should be amenable to suggestions and directives, where appropriate.

Above all the welfare secretary must be accessible, friendly and have compassion for fellow members.
The Welfare Secretary should be humble and have a listening ear and be available for all members.
The Welfare Secretary must be of good and impeccable character, full of life, social and amiable; all these attributes and more are what is expected of a competent welfare secretary.

If you need to experience all these attributes in your secretariat, then stand with *CHINYERE OBASI* when the time is ripe for campaign.
Chinyere Obasi is down to earth
Chinyere obasi is deligent and hard-working.
Chinyere Obasi is a friendly and amiable lady.
Chinyere Obasi is highly socially inclined, no wonder in her secondary school days at Igbobi Girls College, Yaba, she was appointed social prefect even at a tender age.
Chinyere Obasi is a fighter who goes all out and sacrifices herself for the association. She would not mind giving out her portion or her space for a colleague.
Chinyere Obasi is a people’s lady and she is loved by many.
Chinyere Obasi is very respectful and that makes her stand out among her contemporaries.
Chinyere Obasi is very accountable for all her actions as well as her spending.
No wonder her Law firm, Covenant Solicitors & Attorneys of 10 years, where she is the managing partner, is still standing strong the prevailing, the trying times of the country notwithstanding.
Chinyere Obasi is known for her enterprising nature.
Chinyere Obasi is an advocate for the people.

All these can be seen in her track record of service to the Bar and in her practice as a lawyer.
Out of her 15 years of practice chinyere Obasi has put out herself for SERVICE; SHE IS STILL SERVING AND IS STILL WILLING TO SERVE.

*F.U.Onyekperem LLB, BL,ACArb*

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