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By Stephen Onimisi Obajaja, Esq

We must right now begin to see what many have called the “Igarra Question” for what it truly is! “It is a pitch of tent by bad people against good people”. It is either of two things: they do not intend to win any war with this schism or they parochially believe there is a war to be won. One thing that is clear to me however is that there is no war to be won. There is no war booty or spoils of war to get dizzy about. At best, their war is a war against Igarra. Nobody wins that.

The medium may have changed but the end remains the same. Where the ones before us had limited access in their days because of the spacio – temporal (the problem of time and space) those who will pitch those vile tents today have no such problems. Advancement in Science and Technology has abridged that gap and even eliminated it in spades. You can reach anyone across the World now with a vile message in a matter of seconds. More worrisome is you can reach a vast critical mass on social media at the touch of a button.

It used to be said that the World is a Global Village but I have posited at the advent of the internet that “The World had become a Global Neighborhood”. Such a good thing – the internet – has been terribly abused largely because it is an impersonal place. It gave a voice to good people and it also unfortunately gave a voice to bad people. Morons, nit wits and misfits – very vile people – have a voice and an audience. How people do not see the manipulation and the divisive agenda they push beats me hollow.

The narrative they push that Igarra is divided along two parallel family lines is untrue because there are no such parallel family lines in Igarra. There are many families in Igarra as we define them and if for an accident of birth and history, cultural and social reasons – even for existential expediency one or two binds together, it still does not validate the divisive narrative of two rival monolithic families at each other’s jugular in Igarra.

Family is for life and it is laced with individual family values and heritage. Families may have that heritage in common. No family is really ever isolated in Igarra and our vaunted “Orupeza” heritage (Beanstalk theory) really does make nonsense of these schisms they seek to foster. It puts that lie to the sword. The collective prize we would pay if we do not disperse this destructive fury that is gathering will be our freedom. It is incredible that we cannot see that it will usher in an incredible barbarism which will be a huge defeat for everyone in Igarra if we allowed them in the room and they win.

Perhaps we think we are immune! Should this be a comeuppance? History does not suggest so. You win peace as you would a war and winning peace is as dangerous as winning a war. Why would we desire or deserve the destruction of that beautiful land and society? Would we allow a blob of unconscionable ones who are never at minds ease when they see or even merely perceives one greater than them lead our people to ruin?

The war they wage against Igarra would not be so dangerous if our people understood what was going on for decades. Instead, a great majority of us live in incomprehension. We now think a day would come when only people who look like us will live in Igarra. We tear her down and then parade our beautiful and dutiful wives from “the other side of the divide”. We are quick to condemn whole families in one breathe and in another single out a son/daughter of that family who stood by us in our hour of need especially in treacherous climes outside Igarra. We forget that “their” sons and daughters made life possible for us in the first place.

This war will continue if our resolve feeds it. But if we do not shrink an iota or limit ourselves to the display of solidarity with the good people but also band with them in the open and in secret to insist on the right thing, we just might well sing, when this is all over, in these paraphrased timeless words: –
with hope and virtue, we braved once more great difficulties, and endured the storms that came. It will be said by the future generation of Igarra men that when we were tested we refused to let this journey end, that we did not turn back nor did we falter; and with eyes fixed on the horizon and God’s grace upon us, we carried forth that great work of remaking Igarra and delivered it safely to future generations.

Stephen Onimisi Obajaja Esq

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Lawyer, Bibliophile, Polyglot, Traveller
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