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Auta Nyada Felicitates with Eket Bar, lauds Law Week theme, “Nigerian State and Crises of Governance: What Hope for 2023 and Beyond”

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Auta Nyada has applauded the Eket Bar’s Law Week theme, “Nigerian State and Crises of Governance: What Hope for 2023 and Beyond.”

In a statement made available to lawyer, he stated as follows:

It gives me great pleasure to identify with the members and the poignant executive of the Nigerian Bar Association, Eket Branch on the occasion of her 2022 Law Week.

This year’s theme, “Nigerian State and Crises of Governance: What Hope for 2023 and Beyond” is focused on a sincere call and collective bargain for self assessment and adjustment of our individual thoughts towards the unity and continuity of Nigeria after the forthcoming 2023 General Elections.

You will all agree with me that on the face of record in our history, the agitation for split and disintegration of Nigeria has never been so intense the way it is today. We have sacrificed the unity of our dear Country on the altar of individualistic and selfish desires.

Nigeria is currently being observed like an accident victim under intensive medical care in a General Hospital, as it experiences intensified pressure of agitation for secession and regional supremacy on daily basis. Religious interests and bias seem non-negotiable.
Our campaigns are therefore more on sense of entitlement than what it ought to be. In all honesty, we are at a Cross-Road.

It is in moment like this that we give credence to the words of C. S. Lewis thus: “Mere change is not growth. Growth is the synthesis of change and continuity, and where there is no continuity there is no growth.”

This is the time for us to approach issues from a nationalistic view point. We must as Ministers in the Temple of Justice strive to effect the desired change in the society, wherefrom, growth, continuity and unity will yield the desired results.
We must get it right this time.

In the words of Chinua Achebe:
“When things are no longer at ease and when things fall apart, the centre cannot hold.”

I have no doubt in my mind that it is in the interest of the unity of Nigeria and against the spirit of disintegration that the Eket Branch has decided to walk the talk. Such a bold step is highly commendable.

I wish to also commend the Law Week Planning Committee for the well programmed event supported by the calibre of resource persons involved in the event. I have to say, without hesitation that the Law Week is intellectually rewarding.

Congratulations on this great feat.

Long Live NBA Eket Branch!
Long Live NBA National!
Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Member, NBA Welfare Committee and Aspirant for the office of the National Welfare Secretary.

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