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Auta Nyada congratulates Chinyere Obasi, thanks family, campaign team and supporters

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The 2022 NBA election has come full circle, and the election did not turn out the way the team and I had envisaged. I extend my handshake to congratulate Chinyere Obasi and to assure her of my team’s support. You see, we placed her on the sweaty edge during the election far longer than she did to us. It was a good fight.

This good fight was only possible because of my great team, and my family, particularly my wife: Achenyo Auta Nyada. I am proud of the strength that is at work in you, God bless you on all sides.

To my Strategy team, Content team, Publicity Team, ICT Team, and all my Coordinators across the 128 branches of the NBA. You guys are simply the best, and I am forever indebted to you for the immense support, and sacrifices you put into the campaigns.

To my teaming supporters, I am honored to have walked this path with you all; and should the need arise to throw my hat in the ring, I will not hesitate to indulge your warmth company once more.

I congratulate my big brother and friend, the President elect of our great association Y.C. MAIKYAU SAN, your victory is surely deserved and I am super happy you emerged Sir. The excitement of your victory has drawned the pain of the outcome my own election. My President Sir, You have my full support and loyalty as always, and I have no doubt that your regime will be one of a kind.

It must be admitted that the experiences over the course of the campaigns have made me a winner. I have been the beneficiary of tremendous favours from the calibre of distinguished persons who constituted my campaign team to the volunteers who toiled to spread words of my candidacy to persons I could never have reached myself; it is on your shoulders that I’m a champion today. Thank you for the sacrifices.

Across the NBA Branches I visited, I made acquaintances who have chrystalized into friends. I thank you all for the warm receptions and zeal. You are the invaluable asset this campaign has bequeathed me.

My campaign enjoyed several sacrifices of love shown through donations of various resources from learned Silks, Seniors, and Colleagues. Your uncountable contributions fueled the hopes of my campaign. I have come off richer in human resources because of your good hearts.

Thank you all, cheers to better days ahead.
Auta Nyada

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Lawyer, Bibliophile, Polyglot, Traveller
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