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Another Open Letter to the NBA President

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Dear Mr. President,

In furtherance to our earlier reaction to the call for a unified Branch Election in Abuja Branch, we have come to the cautious conclusion as a Branch that we will, as always, give your wise intervention a chance.

The records will show that since the commencement of this crisis, we have repeatedly submitted ourselves to the control and direction of the National Executive Committee beginning of this issue, from the Benin NEC of 2016.

Therefore, as a peace-loving Branch of this great Association, we will work with the Electoral Committee you have set up, but request that as a mark of good gesture, one member from both side be appointed into the Electoral Committee in Ex-Officio capacity.

This gesture of ours, we hope, will be counted as our genuine interest for the Bar. Our members are willing to support this process and are ready to vote when a date is appointed.

Finally, all we have been fighting for is justice and we do pray and hope that this process will be fair and just to all.
May God continue to grant you the wisdom of Solomon.

Thank you sir.

Folarin Aluko
NBA Abuja Branch

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