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A Neutral Lawyer’s Perspective on the NBA Abuja Issue

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By Uche Amulu

This problem started with AB Mahmoud who instead of reconciling warring factions created caretaker committees upon committees. The two factions came in by way of election. I was at Merit house on the day of election of Folarin and Kayode as respective chairmen of the unity bar.

I can tell you that the Kayode group did not do anything close to an election. But who cares? Now they’re the same people citing a constitution they assumed office in breach of. The case against Kayode’s election is still in court. The fact that he enjoys the support of the same ‘elders’ who created the problem in the first place does not detract from his illegitimacy. I have told his Secretary this face to face and on WhatsApp, only for him to block me after He arrogantly told me that they’re the anointed ones.

I agree that Mr Usoro did not handle this issue timeously. But better late than never. If this issue was addressed properly and in time, Mr. Kayode and his illegitimate group would have no business in the leadership of the Unity Bar. We all know the truth.

Now he has enjoyed the perquisites of power and he can now make reference to the privileges he enjoyed as Unity Bar chairman. Unfortunately, Paul Usoro fell for their trick and now they’re forming tiger. How can Mr. Kayode lie that the Branch is not factionalised? Oh, is that why he refused to do any work for the Branch? No track record. All he has done is to steal the glory of Folarin’s yeoman activities. Stealing the credit for the work of another person who acted altruistically without receiving money from anyone. Joker.

It is obvious that the Kayode group do not want peace and I can tell you why. They have been the group, albeit illegal, profitting from the protracted faction. Ok. Well and good. Then can we be given our own branch?

Nobody feeds the other. We must say the truth. It is this kind of mundane politics and clear disobedience to the law by people who claim to be above it that pervades even our national life as a country. Each time one does something not according to law, there must be consequences, if not immediately, surely later. A.B Mahmoud messed things up, even when he attended meetings of the Ezenwa group soliciting for support which he was massively given.
Initially, the tussle was between Ezenwa and Victor Abasiakan. But Victor later backed off when the heat was much on him. Why did the NBA constitute caretaker committee led by Princess Chukwuani in a Bar that has a chairman? Of course that committee is illegal and that was the root of title of Kayode’s chairmanship. The fact that some people are elderly and about the age of my parents does not mean I must agree with their reasoning, especially when it flies in the face of the law and common sense.

If they don’t want a unified election, then let the NBA National give us our own branch. I have refused to identify with either faction since AB Mahmoud turned against a group that he came begging for support.

My name is Uche Amulu and I stand for justice.

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