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A list Of Things Nigerians Expected From The #BuhariAddressNigeria

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By David Oluwole

In other to ensure that pains and burdens that this virus #Convid19 brings on Nigerians are significantly low, the govt is taking the following measures with immediate effect;

1. The govt will be reducing Diesel and Fuel pump by 20-30% for all Nigerians particularly for businesses and industries that are using high power plants to power the engines which are used in producing the essential commodities consumed by Nigerians

2. The govt will be giving tax relief of 3-4months to FMCG coys, pharmaceutical coys Telcos coys, and other coys who are into essential services or manufacturing of essential commodities consumed by Nigerians, eg Telcos coys can cease this opportunity to #CutDataPrice and #CutAirtimePrice for calling within the country by 20-30% until this pandemic is curbed, DSTV, GOTV, Startimes etc to reduce all subscription by 30-40%, Pharmaceutical products to be reduced by 20-30% and many more.

3. The cost of power supply for the period for which this disease will be totally curbed in nigeria will be paid by both the consumer and the govt. 50% will be paid by the consumer and the other 50% by the govt.

4. All small businesses affected by this pandemic and couldn’t work will be granted a 6months tax relief on all forms of taxes issued by both Local, State and Federal government tax agencies.

5. All medical students from final year of all medical 🏥 institutions in nigeria and those under houseman-ship are to support the current Doctors and nurses in ensuring this disease is totally curbed. While the Ministry of Health immediately put them under govt payroll and send their list to the presidential tax force on #Convid19 for documentation purpose.

6. All Medical Doctors and Nurses and other health workers including the Medical students involved in treating patients be placed on Life Insurance cover with immediate effect.

7. Landlords and House owners having benefited from the above should also give tenancy grace period of 6months to all tenants to stabilize the shock this pandemic has brought on the nation. These 6months will not be billed on the tenancy rate. Particularly for those working in the public and private companies.

In addition to the above, the government should make each local government offices across the country an ICU unit with a minimum of 20 bed spaces to curb this disease.

President Muhammad Buhari press statement would have raised the hopes of Nigerians and we would have seen more acceptance from the general populace than what we are seeing now. It would be easy for us to curb this disease faster when Nigerians knows that majority of their concerns are being addressed by the government. But right now, cost of essentials and basic commodities is going high, they’re increasing at the pace that no one can reject because of their immediate needs all because of Coronavirus and no economical measures to reduce the burden on the people.

Nigeria govt may not have money to share to it citizens just like US, Canada, Ghana, Australia, Germany etc are doing but We should do better. #TradeDMoni or all those non-impactful poverty alleviation scheme cannot work for all Nigerians if we are really ready to fight #Convid19.

David Oluwole is an Online Marketing, Media and Digital Advertising Professional. His interest is to generate profitability for different brands by deploying innovative and cost-effective marketing strategies and digital advertising solutions across relevant channels.

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