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2023 AGC: “Aishaba Ltd leads, others follow” says CEO of NBA’s First Choice Official Logistics  Partner, Aishaba Ltd 

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The Chief Executive of Aishaba Ltd, a logistics firm officially appointed by the NBA to partner in logistics at the upcoming Annual General Conference gave a presentation at the meeting of the NBA, Abuja Branch. 

A statement was made available to by the astute logistics firm stated as follows –

“Dear Learned Silks, Learned seniors  and colleagues,

“I am thrilled to endorse the decision of the Conference Planning Committee for selecting Aishaba Ltd as the first official logistics partner for the NBA AGC 2023.  I am proud to see a young lawyers’ initiative like Aishaba Ltd being recognized for its outstanding commitment to excellence and innovation, granted the opportunity to serve. 

“By choosing Aishaba Ltd, the Conference Planning Committee has made a remarkable decision to “GET IT RIGHT” in line with the conference theme.

“The administration of our president YC MAIKYAU SAN shows unwavering support for young lawyer initiatives such as Aishaba Ltd, demonstrates its dedication to fostering a vibrant and inclusive legal community. Aishaba Ltd is the foremost reliable partner for the NBA AGC 2023.

“Furthermore, we have partnered with excellent hotels in close proximity to the venue, offering all conferees great discounts. Rest assured, your comfort and convenience are our top priorities.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the leadership of the Conference Planning Committee for their excellent decision in selecting Aishaba Ltd as the official logistics partner. This decision reflects their commitment to empowering young lawyers and supporting excellent initiatives. To my dearest Branch Members, Aishaba is you, Aishaba is me, Aishaba is us collectively.

“Aishaba Ltd is not only here to serve young lawyers; we are devoted to delivering exceptional services to all participants. Our passion for excellence sets us apart from the rest. Lawyers are advised to rely solely on the updated AISHABA catalog on the NBA website, for now as our official catalog. Conferees must be wary of misinformed and anti-competitive publications and narratives out there. We state emphatically that monopolies should be discouraged in the interest of fair competition. Young businesses that have shown capacity should not be edged out or bullied with malicious posts. We have the capacity and we will deliver.

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“So, seize the opportunity! The earlier you contact Aishaba, the official logistics partner, the BETTER. Let’s come together and make NBA AGC 2023 an unforgettable success with Aishaba Ltd leading the way. Aishaba Ltd leads, others follow.

“Looking forward to an incredible conference with you all!

Best regards,”


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